Microsoft Focusing On Xbox Games, Not a Price Cut

Microsoft spoke about games, not a price cut for Xbox 360 and certainly not about its recently announced billion dollar warranty program for the system, during its Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) press conference.

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donscrillinger5429d ago

we dont need an price cut we need longer games and better games and more co-op on and offline games

uxo225429d ago

It's good to see some fresh new information being submitted. Way to go Skillet_135 you're Da Man.....NOT!

DrRage775429d ago

um, does anyone else realize that this is an OLD article??? it is an article that was written recapping what Microsoft talked about on July 10th at how did this article get approved? it is a little late to be coming out with this "new" recap article. plus, the headline will make people think that Microsoft had just released some kind of new statement, when in fact this is an old article from over a week ago that is just getting released today....waste of time

XxZxX5429d ago

Nobody want to announce pricecut prematurely. If you are announcing price cut, it have to effective now, cause nobody gonna buy them now if you announce it and say it's coming

bootsielon5429d ago

And hurry that Falcon out of the gates. That is, if you want to be profitable, MSFT

Covenant5429d ago

Little bit of advice to MS:

Halo 3 will move systems. So will many of your other AAA games this holiday season. Christmas 07 could be the 360's shining hour. Almost all of the pieces are in place.

So then, might I suggest slaying two avians with a single igneous projectile:

Drop the price. That will do two things: Bring in even MORE gamers than just the games alone, AND, when coupled with the renewed warranty, will go a LONG way towards winning back the public's trust in the system.

I think there's a better-than-average chance of this happening.

Any thoughts?

Skillet_1355429d ago

Honestly I don't think that Microsoft needs to drop the price of the 360. It is cheap enough already that people don't hesitate to buy it.

Halo 3 is going to be one of the best selling games ever. Microsoft probably put their new 3 year warranty in place instead of a price drop in order to make consumers feel safe about buying their product.

I think Microsoft will ride out the Halo 3 hype as long as they can and then once all the excitement has died down they will drop the price to stir up sales again.

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