Halo 3 rumor overload

A new article that looks at the many rumors surrounding Halo 3.

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Mr VideoGames5429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

and if they lower the Price for the Playstation 3 before Christmas then i can also say KILLZONE 2 RULES!!!, but not as much as Halo like i said Halo is a proven series and like it or not SonyBoyz it will sell millions of Consoles and copies (to people like me) but Killzone sucks so KILLZONE 2 will only sell to PS3 owners (like me)

Note: to answer you question rev20 and Bloodmask i didn't change my mind about anything if you read most of my posts you would know that, and no i haven't been hitting the pipe

rev205429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )


24 - We'll im Glad someone is Buying that BIG BLACK OVERPRICED BRICK
because i never will

4 - but why...?
BECAUSE 360 IS BETTER!, SonyFanBoys go buy a 360 and get XBOX LIVE i will welcome you with open Arms

it gets better

haha make ya mind up ;)

Bloodmask5429d ago

In all of your previous posts you state that you will never buy PS3. Then in this post you state you have PS3.

Have you been hitting that pipe?

kewlkat0075428d ago

VideoGames4Life - 2 Hours ago
9 - WTF SONY!!! stop CONFUSING us and give us a Straight answer i might make a Purchase

More rumors, 4-player co-op, who knows might be an announcement right before the game hits. It think a lot of people want it. So do I.

But , I always ask what happens when players drop out?, and you know with 4-players the game is probably insane.

f1r3waII K1LL3r5429d ago

Better be in Halo 3. In Halo 2 it teases you, while your in the lobby and have 4 people waiting you can actually switch the game type to campaign. and you cant play which is annoying, Halo 3 should really have 4 player co-op, if they do that would be just mind blowing. Think about how Gears was 2 player Co-op in the actual campaign, if halo 3 has 4, across online it will be an experience to behold. Co-op these days sucks pretty bad. Ghost recon's co-op is horrible, why in the world would I want to play a completely different story with my friend with worst graphics and no cover, its crap. I would much rather play the actual story with my friend and I mean the same experience I had but just with another person, and not like rainbow with no cutscenes, thats why Gears was awesome with its co-op Halo 2 had the same thing but it wasn't online co-op. In short Halo 3 is going to pwn if they have 4 player co-op online campaign mode

Bloodmask5429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

at least in multiplayer. The needler was underpowered and the tracking was horrible. And the energy sword needs to have energy and break like in campaign. Too much sword whoring.

If they address these two things I will be happy.

FreedomReign5429d ago

All of those points have been addressed. check for more info.

Hayabusa 1175429d ago

Although the needler doesn't track the as well as I would like it too, it's REALLy powerfull this time around, and can actually be used as a weapon. The sword has also been given a meter count, but they've also reduced the lunge-range.

i Shank u5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

the needler in Halo 1 and 2 sucked. The Needler in the beta was hugely improved, best weapon for mid-range, you have to be pretty much aiming at the guy for tracking, but it fires faster, the needles move quicker in the air and do alot of damage.

dukegodtezza5429d ago

two needlers is one of the best ways of getting the sword
shot gun is the best

FreedomReign5429d ago

There's no need for insults, the devs obiously agreed with him.

Salvadore5429d ago

Hope all these rumours are true.

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