WiiFit Parody: A New Video From Sarcastic Gamer

A new video from sarcastic gamer that shows the parodies in this new WiiFit commercial.

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Merovee4931d ago






ChickeyCantor4931d ago

Only thing made me laugh was : "Wii fit looks great, with anything from ikea"

the rest of it was "ok"

MyNutsYourChin4931d ago

I was smiling through most of the video but when I heard "...the WiiFit looks great with anything from IKEA..." I started laughing like a crazed monkey. That part was hilarious. It's timing was good and it was completely irrelevant to the statement before it about exciting titles, which made the delivery well placed.

Mr VideoGames4931d ago

but if you ask me i sort of think Nintendo deserves the Succes there in Right Now, they did Revolutionize Gaming for all of us, but damn that was Funny

Vojkan4931d ago

hahah this is so funny and true in a way

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The story is too old to be commented.