Id ditches PC as lead platform and puts a gamepad on each developer's desk

Id Software has revealed that it is ditching the PC as a lead platform for its technology, focusing on creating cross-platform titles and technology that have a broader revenue and user base, rather than the bleeding-edge technology the company has gained fame for.

Talking to IGN, Tim Willits re-iterated that "We're so PC centric that it's actually been a little bit of a struggle wrapping our minds around a 360 to the point where I installed 360 controllers on everyone's PC. If I see them testing the new game with a keyboard and mouse I have to smack them on the back of the head... for us it's been a bit of a struggle to think about being a console developer because we've been PC focused for so long."

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Nicosia5429d ago

Man they should stick to PC FIRST. But thats just my opinion.

JsonHenry5429d ago

He thinks it is easier to port from a console to a PC, not the other way around. That is all.

Antan5429d ago

Well, they would see more revenue if they focus on console dev first and foremost.

SuperSaiyan45429d ago

John Carmack already stated that it was too much to make a game on the PS3 and looking here he has installed Xbox 360 yes Xbox 360 controllers NOT PS3 so technically this news has nothing to do with the 360.

I am 100% sure ID are going to give it their all on Xbox 360 exclusives games, I doubt we will see a Doom game on the PS3.

Tommie5429d ago

Wolfenstein is already 360 exclusive

ShiftyLookingCow5429d ago

John Carmack loves OpenGL. He used to call DirectX "pain in the as_" but not anymore

DeadlyFire5429d ago

Only reason to use a X360 controller is that its the only console controller that works with Windows. Go figure... who would think Sony or Nintendo's controllers wouldn't work with Windows........... They are still making games on PC, and PS3 platforms. They are not making all on X360.

If they prefered the X360 why is there new project on PC, Mac, PS3, X360 and not just X360? Its just being used for development, not there to stay. PC market changes to much for them to consider porting all their console games they work on onto the PC.

Kleptic5429d ago

yeah Carmack made numerous statements on how unhappy he was with the PS3's architecture...but I bet he will change some...he definitely isn't the best at keeping the same opinion over time...

It is extremely funny to hear that Id, of all the developers, is now focusing on gameplay rather than cutting edge visual technology...Id has not once came up with an inhouse game that broke any ground on story telling...or, since the inception of the FPS, anything that innovative...they just made games that looked really good...and played well, but didn't do anything new...

I don't know though...Id is not one to half ass it though...if they plan on any in house games using the new engine to go to the Ps3 at all...I am sure they will do a good job of optimizing the engine...or Sony will come in like with Epic and "help" them (unless sales of the PS3 by that point are up exponentially)...either that or Id will simply drop the Ps3 altogether and only focus on the 360...

if their next games look as boring as Quake Wars or suck as much as Doom 3...I am not sure how good or bad that news is for anyone...

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Mr VideoGames5429d ago

BECAUSE 360 IS BETTER!, SonyFanBoys go buy a 360 and get XBOX LIVE i will welcome you with open Arms

Kleptic5429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

oh yeah man totally agree...especially with XBL allowing user generated content...the kind of stuff that makes PC shooters acceptable on a, wait?

there is a reason that veteran PC fps gamers think console shooters are garbage...and the only console addressing those issues is not the 360...

The Swordsman5429d ago

It is because of comments like these that you have only one bubble VideoGames4Life.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

I'm a fanboy, what can I say? I love the games they make even the mediocre. Which IMO they don't make but I'm being biased do to being a fanyboy of id and all. Id and MS have a long history together, so you will see id games ither being exclusive or with exclusive content.

EDIT: id dot dentity below, DOOM console made the conmpany what it is,nuff said

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