SCEE President: Extra 20GB is "Not Worth It"

When asked why there's no 80 GB PS3 in Europe, David Reeves responds that the difference in size is just not worth it.

Not doing SCEA any favors, the SCEE President commented in an interview about why Europeans would be getting the console.

"You know, the difference between 60 and the 80 gigabyte is very small. We just feel that going up 20 gigabyte is not worth it. If you're going to double it, it's worth it. So maybe you'll see something a little bit later, but 60 and 80? Really not much difference."

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Phantom_Lee5425d ago

it feels like that the Europe President of Sony is bad mouth North America for its 80GB

and if the GB is not enough for can always upgrade it

Marceles5425d ago

*Peter Moore takes off David Reeves mask*

neogeo5425d ago

20gigs is nothing. I want it 160gigs or more or keep the price at 499.99

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The story is too old to be commented.