Sony denies Sixaxis rumble

Speaking to, a Sony America representative said, "The SCEA employee referenced in Kotaku's story stated that he had read in the news that third parties are working on a controller with rumble for PS3. His comments were taken out of context."

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deepujatt20055425d ago

i am smellin some lies here...

aiphanes5425d ago

They do not want people to know that rumble sixaxis is comming...they gots to sale all those 60gb ps3!

lesbiansonyfan-girl5425d ago

It could possibly be that only third-parties are making the rumble PS3 controllers.

deepujatt20055425d ago


u got good point..

maybe they want their 60gig to be sold before july ends..

Kleptic5425d ago

what does the 60gb PS3 have to do with a rumbling sixaxis?...or do you mean people won't buy the 60gb because it only has a standard sixaxis included...

most likely its because they don't want sales to stall on the regular controller for the next month or so...which is pretty low...but hopefully enough people realize what is going on, and don't buy the regular controllers anyway...

I only bought one extra...I figured a rumbling controller would come out before christmas after that suit was long as I have 4 by the time Warhawk is released I am set...

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The story is too old to be commented.