Atlus Releases 3D Dot Game 'Hall of Heroes'

Atlus has recently released a the Hall of Heroes, a LittleBigPlanet-esque system which allows players to share and download their 3D Dot Game Heroes with other gamers. Heroes can be organized on the site according to popularity and date added.

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rroded4580d ago

jus cant wait for em ta put out a lvl editor

ingame theres a 'dev room' tons of npc's one of em says he'w the guy who made the lvl editor but it got canned. Hoping they put one out game would b bigger than lbp i think. imagine the remakes zelda drogon quest etc ect if they really set loose a full toolset...

ClownBelt4580d ago

Hopefully, my copy will arrive tomorrow. I've preordered the damn thing, and I still don't have it.

spunnups4580d ago

Same here. Should be here Monday. (Amazon)

Meryl4580d ago

lol i will get the dark knight i can't do decent characters lol i am rubbish at these things:(:(

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The story is too old to be commented.