PS3 verison of Unreal Tournament to have unlimited maps,mods, and skins

The PlayStation 3 verison of Unreal Tournament 3 will feature unlimited maps, mods, and skin downloads by using a PC editor and then moving the data to your PS3 through a memory stick.

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bung tickler5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

why bother with this at all on the ps3... i mean if you have to do all the modding on yor pc anyways why not just get the cheaper (pc games are 99% of the time like $10 less) pc version that will look better, play better, and have a larger community to play with? i think you fanboys too often forget epic is a PC game company first... thats where they were born. game systems will always be second.

Phantom_Lee5430d ago

my pc is not that good, and I use most of the space for movies and comic books

hikikimori5430d ago

Because to run this game like it will run on the 360/ps3, you would need at least a $2000 pc you dolt.

BBsin5430d ago

Not everyone has a PC capable of running UT3 as well as or better than the PS3. Same situation with Bioshock.

fenderputty5430d ago

I don't game on my PC. I also don't plan on spending the money to play games on my PC. I'm more then happy to play this on my PS3 and am really stoked about the modding features.

vitaminjayz5430d ago

i see an article a few months back that epic was gona use 2 discs 1 for the game and 1 for the map editor so u wont need to buy the pc version so lets hope this is true

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LeonSKennedy4Life5430d ago

If that is your REAL name!

I love Epic...and I always have. UT04' STILL beats the pants off of Halo ANY day. I do believe, however, that they're doing THEIR best to get the PS3 version to look as good as humanly possible! It's their main platform. I think they'll be ohkay! You can also mod on your PS3. It's not too hard if you either use Linux or a crack of XP. Both have applicatons for modding...and a PS3's equiped to handle it. Seriously, not hard.

GOW will be better on PC...yes...but that's because they waited. I seriously doubt they'd make the PC version look better than the PS3 version. I'm just saying.

The_Firestarter5429d ago

I agree for the most part, except for you saying UT3 will look better on PS3.

When the DX10 patch for UT3 is released for Vista users, it'll look even better. Sure, the performance won't be too hot, but my point is still valid. All Nvidia needs to do is update their crappy drivers! Then, UT3 will look simply outstanding with DX10 support without a FPS hit.

Kleptic5429d ago

they already have it looking "better" on the PC...the interview from E3 with one of the Epic developers had him going on about the PS3's optimization...he basically said all the high end visual effects would be intact (basically referring to what you would need a DX10 card to see on a PC)...but the PC will trump it in resolution...which was pretty much a given...most DX10 cards by christmas will have more VRAM than a PS3/360 has total...

The PS3 version has said to have been pursposely slowed as well...which may irritate some fans...but Epic says they did it in order to make the game playable with a controller (while he didn't touch on the mouse/keyboard for PS3 stuff that had been talked about last spring)...the game will most likely not be 1920 x 1080 for the PS3 version also, being that it is said to be locked at 60fps...possibly, but with the amount of visual carnage this game is going to bring, I am pretty sure 720p will be the native resolution...

Rooted_Dust5429d ago

The only reason we haven't seen a well performing DX10 game is because they were DX9 games with some DX10 features tacked on post-production. We still haven't played a game built with DX10 from the ground up like UT. Oh an if you think the PS3 version will look better than the PC version your just being delusional. It will also play better IMO, because it won't have to accomodate for slow gamepads.

risk5429d ago

dx10 is over rated, OGL v3.0 is the same thing, do you see anybody drooling for that? just because everybody is saying omg omg dx10 doesnt nessecarily mean its going to be better, go read the reviews dx10 is sloppy at best, you loose soo much performance over hardly any improvements in games such as Lost Planet.

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macalatus5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

Cost of the game: $60
Cost of PSN: $0
Cost of mod, skin, etc,...: $0
Cost of fun for game with Gears of War-quality graphics from the same maker: Priceless!!

There are really truly somethings that money cannot buy!!

EDIT: Hmmm, I wonder what could have caused someone to disagree with my post so freakin' quick? Oh, I get's the "Gears of War-quality graphics".

DJ5430d ago

He can't go a single day without lambasting positive Playstation news. O well, more mods and maps for me! =]

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