Stay in shape: "Final Fantasy Fitness" possible, care of Wii Balance Board

Looks like a lot of people are becoming more and more interested in Wii Fit and its introduction of the Wii Balance Board to the gaming industry. Two of which are none other than Motomu Toriyama and Eisuke Yokoyama of Final Fantasy fame.

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[email protected]5429d ago

For me DDR does the weight loss process. But this news sound SOOO lame for me.

RyuCloudStrife5429d ago

this is like the F3 of Fitness

PS360WII5429d ago

Well he didn't say it would be a fitness game he just said he would like to use the board for maybe a future FF title. Which is very cool because when I first saw that board I was more interesting in what else it could do other than that WiiFit game and I know plenty others stated that as well. Another thing it shows is that Square Enix is really back in full friendship mode with Nintendo talking about FF games not even on the drawing board on a Nintendo platform ^^

Darkiewonder5429d ago

This is probably worse as Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest.

ChickeyCantor5429d ago

Ey >=( the battle music rocked >=(
although...the game it self..not so......XD

ChickeyCantor5429d ago

like PS360wii is saying, they didnt say it will be a fitness game.

[email protected]5429d ago

Let's hope not 4 our own good.

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