Microsoft Will Have To “Pay More” To Keep Gears Of War Exclusive Says Pachter

Gears of War 3 will be available next year Epic Games has announced, and we expect to hear and see much more at E3. It’s the second biggest franchise on the Xbox 360 and a huge money maker for both Microsoft and Epic Games.

Thing is, Epic Games is an independent studio that must continue to make money to survive and now that the PS3 install base is just about the same size with that of Xbox 360, it’s becoming more and more enticing to make all their games multiplatform. Many still cling on to a tiny bit of hope to see Gears of War 3 on PS3, but Epic Games has constantly stabbed that rumor to death.

But in the future, according to Wedbush Morgan Securities analyst, Michael Pachter, things might be different, even for the Gears of War franchise.

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MexicanAppleThief4949d ago (Edited 4949d ago )

You know, I am wondering why they didn't annouce this at MS E3...maybe...dare I say it...it'll go multiplatform?

MajestieBeast4948d ago

Prepare for the disagrees. I think the series will stay on the 360 and its 1 of those series that make's it worth to own a 360, so it would be a shame for microsoft for it to go to ps3.

Nathaniel_Drake4948d ago

I don't know FF13 was thought of as staying on the PS3.

Ghoul4948d ago

how many times was pachter right with his crystal ball ?

1/100 ? This guys spreads media bull for a living never forget that.
Every news that generates hits and his name in the news is money to him

dont believe pachter.

Legosz4948d ago

People can disagree with me all they want, but I will bet that Gears 3 will not be multiplatform. I can't believe you idiots even fall for patcher over and over and over again, giving him hits which then transfers to money. And I am not saying that I wouldn't love to play it on my PS3, I would just be pissed because then I would not need my 360.

JokesOnYou4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

Didn't Pachter say Gears2 would be on ps3? Well I guess with this latest statement from him, basicly by opening his mouth that confirms its not true.

-This was funny:
"I don't, I think Microsoft has a contract to make sure they get that sequel," he said. "But I think Epic regrets signing that contract"

-And as usual when he's wrong he just makes a new prediction:
“Of course they don’t “regret” because they’re all very wealthy and they cut themselves a great deal. I guess what I really meant was future versions of Gears are at least going to be negotiated to allow them to make them all multiplatform, unless Microsoft pays even more."

Why would a company that has a deal for 3 games need to all of a sudden "pay more" for the 3rd game? And of course anything beyond micro and Epic's original deal will need to be negotiated, thats just common sense not a prediction.


Karum4948d ago

MS will have a ton of stuff to show at E3 I'd say. I mean sure they announced Gears before E3 but there's going to be a whole bunch of info/footage of the game to show at E3.

I can't imagine the Gears franchise being anything other than a 360/MS exclusive but how many of us thought the same thing about once PS exclusive franchises.

Never say never but there is certainly no financial necessity for Epic to go multi plat with Gears. The game sells millions on the 360 alone, not to mention Epic make an ass ton of money and royalties from licensing the Unreal Engine.

RedDevils4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

It gonna be bigger than "Uncle Sam nipples" :P

morganfell4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

I warned people over a year ago that Gears 1 was in development for the PS3. I was attacked repeatedly. But it is still showing up in the daily build/bug reports.

Anyone with a U3 developer's license can see the daily reports for games. Some games use a code name and you have to look at the reports and try to decipher what title they are listing. Other titles just use their actual name. Gears 1, 2, and 3 show their actual name. Right now Gears 3 is only being developed for the 360.

But Gears 1 is under development for the PS3 and Gears 2 as well. Are they using this to pressure Microsoft? If so it is a great deal of pressure because a lot of development time/money is being spent on bringing those two titles to the PS3. All you have to so is get on the U3 dev network and take a look.


So it seems Morganfell likes to make up fairy tails like Pachter. I have to give you some troll credit though, not everyone can just type type 100% BS like that pretending it's true. I been here on N4G only a couple of months and have to say you are top 5 trolls here spending 98% of your time in anything 360. Did the 360 kick your dog or TP your house? If you want Gears just buy a 360, you can find 360's real cheap now and we all know there s a prce drop coming which the 360 may be $100. Gears and Halo are Xbox like Uncharted and GOW is Playstation. Why do you spend so much time hating? Do you ever just get tired of yourself?

secksi-killer4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

i remember your now infamous claims about gears 2 and e3 09.lol that thread that you was running your mouth off in was a classic. and you was promising to save the thread so everyone could eat crow at e3...lol

then when e3 rolled around, and guess what? gears2 wasnt announced for the ps3. when you was called out, you denied that you had said it.

but the best was, one sunday afternoon i was reading n4g, and some guy posted the links to the threads. after you again denied it lol. that was some classic overkill that afternoon. nothing like seeing people eating crow is there morganfell ;-) classic

so. personally i dont think we need pachter on n4g...we have you morganfell!! you're obviously a man with some serious inside knowledge of the industry lolol.

and, lets just remember how accurate your prediction was at last years e3!!

RedDevils4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

just to let you know I just zip through your comment it's basically about fanboy bullsh*t but anyway that can be apply to the 360 worshipers aka fanboy, and about the console been cheap, not many people can afford the room to even put another console in the house, unless they like to flush their money into the toilet, well I say let them, the thing is it not about money, well for some people that is the case but still you need to know people have preference and just let them say whatever they like, if you don't just ignore them and move on with your life, it really simple as 1+1=2

morganfell4948d ago

Mac, I have a 360 and Gears.

I can't change the facts. Epic is working on the games. As regards that individual below you, I did think Gears 1 would be announced at E3 last year. It wasn't.

What I asked for - and never even came close to receiving - was a logical explanation why Epic would pour that much money into a game they would never release.

I never said Gears 2 was coming. I just found out a few weeks ago that Epic was also working on Gears 2 for the PS3. At least if someone is going to attack what I said you would think they would be honest...oh wait, look at the general quality of their comments.

scofios4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

@MACADOODLE Gears is from epic Halo are Xbox like Uncharted and GOW is Playstation. There, I Fixed It


If your going to call me a fanboy do some research. I have never said anything bad about any console or game... ever. Facts are facts and the facts are Morgan is a troll. You trolls are pissed about somthing the Xbox stole from you and you wait like dsperate vultures for some meat you are never going to get. I love God of War so I own a PS3, I love Gears so I own a 360. If you wanted Gears so bad maybe you bought the wrong console.

secksi-killer4948d ago

come on. you was claiming last year that gears 2 was going to be announced at least years e3, not gears 1!!! and now you are saying that you found out last week that gears 2 is actually in development..lol

ok, so are they going to announce it at e3 this year or not??

personally i dont care. i've already had/played/completed it on my 360, and i have no intention of buying it again for my ps3.

morganfell4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

No, you are wrong. I never said anything about Gears 2 being announced. At least when you go on the attack get your facts straight. Unlike certain other people on this board I own up to what I say.

Finally, locate someone that actually has access to the Unreal Developers Network and ask them to tell you what Epic titles in development are currently having their daily build reports posted by Epic on UDN. If you do that you won't be pointing the finger at me over this again.

secksi-killer4947d ago (Edited 4947d ago )

read em and weep

there it is people. have a good laugh at morganfells expense...enjoy


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booni34948d ago

the only thing that is certain is that they would certainly make more money.

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The Wood4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

ill duck

either way i hope this isnt true cause even a broken clock...... anyway MS needs more exclusives not less. Sony MAY have been this aggressive with their 1st/2nd party studios because of MS. If MS have too few REAL exclusives to count, sony MAY slow up......i doubt it though. To be honest sony seemed like using this model was always their plan no matter what the competition done. They did say few years ago that 3rd party exclusives were dying....lucky guess by them i suppose /s

thehitman4948d ago

is Sony they had the same support from since they started playstation and built themselves up. MS have no influence on the quality they seek. If MS announced this E3 that they leaving the gaming industry Sony would cheer but next day they be like hmmmm so where were we and continue doing the things they always did.

ASSASSYN 36o4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

I could care less if the 360 has less exclusives. I am still going to sit down and play my 360. People who place emphasis on exclusives using the full power of the console are in the right frame of mind. But, rarely do multi-platform games I play on the 360 suffer any ill effects of being such. My favorite games are multi-platform games. And with regards to Gears 3 I am not looking forward to it. I didn't like gears 2 at all. I doubt I will shell out money for gears 3.

Nathaniel_Drake4948d ago

It's not really luck other than hard research. There is a reason Sony is always on top with their technology

lowcarb4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

you sound like a robot.

raztad4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )


Sony 1/2nd party development is not related to MS exclusive games in any way.

As Assasyn 36o pointed out most xbox users are satisfied with their games being multiplats. I feel that was MS strategy from the get go. Make the xbox the platform of choice for multiplat games. It kinda worked, the xbox is the easiest console to develop for and multi plats usually end up being slightly better on it.

Sony, on the other hand, having the more expensive console and late in the market needs to walk the extra mile, and push the PS3 as a "must have" due its exclusives, no just a "me too" console. It's working.

lowcarb4948d ago

It would appear your correct about MS going the multiplat route but that was just phase one. Shane Kim mentioned MS knowing the importance of 1st party studio's so hopefully at E3 we see there vision. MS is up to something and will come out fully loaded to hurt some feeling come E3.

The Wood4948d ago (Edited 4948d ago )

i was being a little playful. Sony are doing sony..end of. As low carb says im sure MS now feel their here to stay so the next step would be to build.. not sure about the hurting feelings tho carb but nothing wrong with hoping aey.

My stance is that its ALL about the exclusives in terms of differentiating yourself from the rest. When you think Nintendo you think mario, link Samus. When i think sony i think Solid snake, i think ratchet, i think Nathan drake even. With MS i think Master chief, I think fable, i think marcus phoenix. All of the multiplatform stuff isnt being overlooked by me saying this but my point is there needs to be a reason for some people to chose one console over the other and the underlying factor will be who has the most games they want to play and this will obviously get swayed by exclusive games/content NOT a pixel difference in multiplats so ultimately whoever has the best exclusives has the better chance in the long run and by that i mean from gen to gen like nintendo. Of course other factors are involved, the dreamcast, xbox and gamecube are testament to that, but a legacy of titles is hard to downplay even by the sternest guys who feel differently.

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GUCommander4948d ago

Patcher is an idiot...