Can Gaming Become an Addiction? A Gamer’s Story

There is a debate raging in the gaming community right now. Everywhere you look, gamers and those who do not play are arguing over whether or not there is such a thing as gaming addiction. The studies are inconclusive; every time you hear about a study backing the existence of video game addiction, you find numerous stories debunking it. Even gamers seem to be split on the issue; while many want to argue it does not exist, others say they have experienced symptoms similar to that of other addictions.

So in the middle of all of the turmoil, the question remains: can someone get addicted to video games?

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thisguywithhair4577d ago

Good story until he started to talk about God. When I hear an ex-addict say something about God helping them all I hear is them talking about trading one addiction for another.

Lykon4577d ago

when I hear the word 'God' mentioned my sphincter snaps shut. ummm but good luck to him and everything.

Faelan4577d ago


Unless he spends most of his time thinking about, talking about or just plain old worshipping God to the detriment of his own life, I wouldn't call it trading one addiction for another. I'd rather say that he traded an addiction for a delusion. In reality, all you need to believe in is your own capability to overcome the addiction. No "divine intervention" is needed if you get my drift.

Ironfungus4577d ago (Edited 4577d ago )

God is very much apart of the world. Get over yourself.

God is faith, gaming (in this case) is an addiction. Faith =/= Addiction.

mittwaffen4574d ago

why does this guy have 3 bubbles still?

Titanz4577d ago

sex,drugs,passing gas...