E3 2007 Warhawk Gameplay Montage

Take an exciting look at character customization, two and four player split screen, and one hectic air battle.

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timmyp535419d ago

may not be true eyecandy.... but it looks bloody FUN =)

chrischris5419d ago

the best mulitplayer ps3 game this year

Salvadore5419d ago

Cannot wait to get my hands on this game.

vidoardes5419d ago

I really liek how this game is shaping up... it looks good, but they haven't gone all out on graphics, just made sure it si good, clean, detailed modeling, but most of all they have said lets make this game fun. The PS3's timsplitters perhaps? Me an my mates used to spend hours on that game, it wasn't the best looking game in the world but my god was it fun to play. Can't wait for the blu-ray version of this so I can natter with the headset too!

R0l35419d ago

I bet alot of PS3 users will be talking online come September.

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