Ask Capcom Developers: Questions for Resident Evil 5 Producer, Takeuchi-san

Got questions? Then who better to ask than Takeuchi-san, Resident Evil 5's producer! Post your questions on the Capcom forum page-they'll translate them and send them on for Takeuchi-san's reply. He'll answer as many as he can as best he's able, the aim is to have his answers up by July 30th, so post your questions up by July 25th to allow Capcom enough time to translate the questions into Japanese and the answers back into English.

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kingofps35429d ago

*Is the development team in any way shared between Resident Evil 5 and Devil May Cry 4 development? Also, how many of the original developers that worked on RE4 now work on RS5?

*If RE5 does include some sort of online multiplayer, how high are you targeting the maximum number of players in a given map/mode/gameplay type?

*Will there be Co-op? If yes, then, will there be online co-op and how many players will be supported?

*Will RE5 support PlayStation Home?

*Have you decided on a demo of RE5 for the PLAYSTATION Network?

*Is the game targeted to run at 60fps across all platforms?

*Which engine is the game being developed on?

*Will there be downloadable content for RE5 over the PlayStation Network?

*Will there be a Nintendo DS and/or PSP version of the game?

*Will there be a collectors/limited edition of RE5 (for Canada)?

*Will Leon S Kennedy make an appearance in RE5?

*Will there be money involved in the gameplay.

*Will there be a photo mode?

*Will there be any operatable aircrafts in the game?

*Will the game utilize the PS3's HDD to install the game partially?

*Will the game support Sixaxis tilt functionality?

*Will the game support Rumble functionality on the PS3?

*What do you draw your inspiration from (in general)?

*Which is your favorite game?

LeonSKennedy4Life5429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

I know this is WAAAAY off topic, but I need someone to check and see if it's just MY computer that the flashplayer's not downloading on right now. The newest version just came out...and I need to put it on my PC to watch Youtube stuff. PLEASE HELP ME...KingofPS3 or ANYONE!!!

Oh, and Capcom rocks! RE5 looks like it'll destroy 4!!! I loved four, but if it's the same production team, there's no reason they can't improve!

Rhezin5429d ago

ya that's the fanboi list of questions, all I wanna know is when the freekin thing comes out

and will there be exclusive DL content on xbox live

neil19885429d ago

are the zombis mixed with the T.virus and the lasplagus ? combined

Bazookajoe_835429d ago

I think everyone wants to know wich system is the lead, and will there be any diffrences between the both system.. I must say that both above are fanboy questions...

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The story is too old to be commented.