First Killzone 2 Gameplay Nuggets Revealed

After exhibiting its stunning trailer at last week's E3 Business & Media Summit in Santa Monica, California, Guerilla Games has spilled the beans on the first gameplay details for its PS3-exclusive first-person shooter Killzone 2.

N'Gai Croal was privileged enough to get to grips with the sci-fi shooter with his own two hands, and duly confirms (pay attention fanboys) in his Newsweek blog that everything us punters saw during E3 was real-time footage and not CGI wizardry. Apparently, the footage shown was lifted from the third level in the game's single-player campaign mode, where Vektan troops along with Sev, Killzone 2's main protagonist, have begun an invasion of Helghan, the evil storm trooper hangout.

Also confirmed is that Killzone 2 will feature a Gears of War-style cover system, (somewhat influenced by the PSP's recent Killzone: Liberation). As players approach a wall, they are prompted to hug against it, while also able to pop around a corner to let off a few rounds. Guerilla says that, while the game is played via a first-person perspective, it won't be as complicated to play as the team initially thought:

"We expected it to be complicated... but our programmers took care of it pretty quickly," they said.

What clever chaps they are. Keep it with GamerSquad for more.

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MoonDust4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

"GOW cover system."
Disagree all you want, it's a quote from the article. You would know that if you could read.

clownfacemcgee4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

How did Guerilla copy GoW's cover system? They had it first with KZL. I doubt anyone copied anyone here, which you strongly imply. It's kind of hard for Guerilla to copy GoW, when they had it first, huh? And btw, KZL's cover system is fantastic.

Firewire4139d ago

this article is f'd up. look at the video's there is even one specific to the cover system, and its way different than Gears, its not even implemented the same way!

Gears cover sucked, sticky wall syndrome!

MoonDust4139d ago

All i did was quote the article.

Frulond4138d ago

Ok I know its not a FPS but this "system" was on MetalGearSolid2 (right now can't remember if in MGS1).

I know MGS is mostly a in third person game but they changed that on MGS2 allowing you to shoot in first person.

nasim4138d ago

on the other hand Halo 3 looks like Powerrangers in green.
Halo 3 and all other x360 games are too cartoonistic to challenge any of the ps3 greats.

i feel sad for MS and x360

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aiphanes4139d ago

Should be least it is going to be different.. Remember gears of war is a third person shooter.

MoonDust4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

They have a good FP cover system, it's like GOW, but FPS. Well not exactly alike, GOW cover system is great, you can run and slide onto the wall.

ChronoTrigger874139d ago

The cover system in Killzone will be a first since it will be wholly in First Person. It will not switch to third-person like Rainbow Six Vegas does.

Omegasyde4139d ago

I like the cover system in games now using the unreal engine. And if we wanted to get technical...

Winback (N64) was the first game to utilize 3rd person cover system, not Gear of wars. MGS (psx) came second.
("First Cover system" however goes to Time Crisis (arcade) )

The closest thing games have come to "first person cover system" is the "Leaning" which was first in Ghost Recon (PC).

TheExecutive4139d ago

from what i understand of the cover system in killzone it will never leave the first person perspective... so it wont be like R6. Shooting blindly means exactly that. popping around corners means exactly that. it is going to be quite a bit different than GoW, but it will be more realistic and should be interesting

Cupid-Stunt4139d ago

Well said. bubble for you. Killzone 2 is looking more sexy than GOW. And that was sexy lol

Omegasyde4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Agreed. You can't hug a wall and hide behind a wall using a 3rd person cam to surprise someone.

I sorta hated that aspect in games like Socom and Gow. Where someone camps behind a corner and plays the camera to look down a hall without exposing themselves.

Devilbringer4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

I gave you a bubble cause you allways have something good to say :))
You are just like Dr. Phil :-)

TheExecutive4139d ago

hey thanks! although you give bubbles i don receive them. Thats about 10 bubbles now that people say they give me but i dont get them! im still at 4.

Devilbringer4139d ago

i think like 5 ppl need to give + to bubble then you get a new one. not sure tho. anyway keep up the good words. :) damn those fanboy buble ripoffs

Bazookajoe_834139d ago

I think this game will have a realy great feel to it, blindfire that actually is blindfire. This combined with it´s awsome graf and realistic wounds and the enemy´s bleeding, and from what i heard rom those who saw the trailer at e3 the audio is one of the greatest they heard =) I will play halo3 untill haze comes out, and then it´s ut3, and after that it´s hopefully killzon2 rest of my life ;-)

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