DirecTV Launches Video Game League

Four race cars barrel down a virtual track, jostling for position. Announcers shout their commentary over growling engines until a winner speeds past a checkered flag.

The frenetic race televised on DirecTV wasn't a NASCAR event. It was staged as part of a new video game league that aims to turn gaming into a full-fledged sport, as compelling to watch as the National Basketball Association or Major League Baseball.

The Championship Gaming Series debuted last week in the U.S. and has franchises around the world that pay top players base salaries of $30,000 plus bonuses.

Organizers hope to attract an audience of the same young gamers who pushed computer and video game software sales to $7.4 billion in 2006 - a 6 percent increase from 2005, according to the Entertainment Software Association.

Advertisers are eager to reach those 18 to 24 year-old consumers.

The challenge for the league is making the on-screen action compelling enough to persuade those gamers to stop playing and start watching.

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Eagle Eye5428d ago

I really hit it big with this news not one single comment.

SmokeyMcBear5428d ago

well it could be that there isnt a lot of people with direct tv. But I saw this a while ago.. like months, so im not sure how new this is, i mean i understand the the stor was yesterday, but i swear i watched an episode like months ago. weird

Eagle Eye5428d ago

You might have I honestly dont know. Anyways the main thing is now I'm a contributor, that was my goal so now I can approve news and, this article put me at the needed 3.