Why Hasn't Sony Made Their Own Smash Bros?

PSE: They often say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, and it’s never been more evident than the current-gen era. Countless console shooters continue to follow the Halo model while dozens of MMO developers compete to create the next World of Warcraft, often times with sub-par results. Sometimes though, the stars will align and a title will improve on its predecessor. Uncharted took the Kill/Switch aiming system and ran with it while Splinter Cell: Conviction managed to recreate the intense stealth action found in the Metal Gear Series. In saying this, there is one title in particular staring Sony right in the face that could mean an immediate pay-day: Sony Smash Brothers.

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Cevapi884578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

list could be better...mentioned sackboy twice and the "leader character" in infamous is Cole...pretty good idea...i dont think anyone would want to play as Rico from KZ...he annoyed the hell out of most of us...Radec on the other hand would be cool...teleporting and becoming invisible would be nice...and you could have Snake seeing as how nintendo had him in super smash bros.

how about some PS1/2 classics...Crash Bandicoot series, FF, kingdom hearts, wander from SotC, oddworld, (i know that Sony would have to pay in order to license some of these characters)

PLUS it would be awesome to kick Kratos' ass with Rayman lol

stb4578d ago

It wouldn't and you simply fail.

But the idea is not bad...but just leave that to nintendo please.

DJexs4578d ago

There was a smash bros type game for the psone cannot remember the name but I liked it.

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Redempteur4578d ago

eirgehz ?

a fighting game with some square mascots ? ( including could )

of that's the one you're thinking of it sucked

blu_yu_away4578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

Main problem I see with the list is how many of these characters would play basically the same (for example Nathan Drake, Hale, Rico, Navy Seal, Gabe Logan) on top of some characters that really wouldn't make for good characters in a fighting game (Robbit, LocoRocos, Lammy, Yaggi, Mannequin).

TenSteps4578d ago (Edited 4578d ago ) also have to take into account that it's still possible to get a respectful amount of characters given what Sony already has and it's not really a necessity to have big name characters, you can look at MvC2 where they added lesser known characters like Marrow, Shuma-Gorath, and Amingo.

Sony has enough in it's catalog to get characters that wouldn't play the same (I could make a list myself but I'll only make one if someone asks).

Now my problem on the other hand is different my problem would be the fact that the idea of merging universe within Sony's IP's just seem too far off for me.

Final_Rpg4578d ago

10 steps back, I want you to make a list. :)

TenSteps4578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

Fine you want a list I'll give you one using only characters that are developed by Sony, owned, exclusive to PS or co developed by Sony and in the context of making them melee focused I might just edit a few a little.

1. Radec (Killzone 2)(kinda like how Cevapi88 mentioned)
2. Kratos (God of War 3)
3. Nariko (Heavenly Sword)
4. Cole (inFamous)
5. Wander (Shadow of the Colossus)
6. Ratchet (Ratchet and Clank)(I see it as him using his wrench more than guns)
7. Jak (Jak and Daxter)(I see him in his Dark Eco Jak mode)
8. Lenard (White Knight Chronicles)
9. Monica (Dark Cloud 2)
10. Vahn (Legend of Legaia)
11. Ellen (Folklore)
12. Keats (Folklore)
13. Songi (Legend of Legaia)
14. Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal)(have him use chains as weapon since he can't use his ice cream truck)
15. Hades (God of War 3)(because he as a melee fighter would be much more awesome than the others)
16. Gaspard (Dark Cloud 2)
17. False King (Demon's Souls)
18. Alden (inFamous)(put him in a regular trash golem mode)
19. Yurt the Silent Chief (Demon's Souls)
20. Kessler (inFamous)
21. Griffon (Dark Cloud 2)
22. Erol (Jak and Daxter)
23. Dart (Legend of Dragoon)
24. Rau Utu (The Mark of Kri)
25. Sly Cooper (Sly Cooper)
26. Flying Fox (Heavenly Sword)
27. Dregias (White Knight Chronicles)
28. Agamo (War of the Monsters)
29. The Raven King/King Bohan (Heavenly Sword)
30. Avalon (Legaia 2: Duel Saga)

That's a list of 30 and if Sony were to ever do this the amount of characters would most likely be a lot less to make it easier to balance so as you can see there are a lot of characters to choose from for Sony.

poopsack4578d ago

Just showing something i did a while ago
this reminded me of it

They were 4 minutes in PhotoShop, so theyre not that good but yeah :)

(sorry for the dupe comment above but it got hidden)

morkendo4578d ago

yeah, it would be cool to kick KRATOS azz with ratchet using the RYNO GUN!!!

TotalPS3Fanboy4578d ago

Sony isn't already developing one in secret right now?

ABizzel14578d ago

It would be hard to come up with an idea of how they can realistically fight one another. Nintendo has always had the safe child-like approach, but Sony has a full range of characters brutal killers and all.

I think the only way this could work is in an RPG similar to Kingdom Hearts which could easily include cameos from 3rd party exclusives like Snake, and Cloud, etc...

Speaking of which I have an idea for that which is why I recommended it, devs. contact me if you need a writer :)

BulletToothtony4578d ago

dude you should've played killzone 1 before you played part 2... rico is awesome in part one.. his hate for the helghast was huge.. but he kicked ass.. to me all that he did in part 2 was great..

and when he killed the guy at the end i loved it.. Rico rocks man.. but only if you know his background

sikbeta4578d ago

It's a Great Idea to make SB style Game, but Definitely It'll not in the same league, while the N game is Fun, the PS version will be a Pure Madness, this is SSBB:

Fun and all, now imagine the same kind of Game with this Characters:


Steve_04578d ago

With LittleBigPlanet 2, they don't have to. Someone else will make an original experience based on a similar concept no doubt, and when you're sick of it, rather than buy a different game, simply load a new free level.

Bravo44578d ago (Edited 4578d ago )

Nah, this wouldn't work. The PlayStation's franchise players aren't balanced unlike Nintendo's. With the PlayStation brand, you have: superheroes, gods, sackboys, and your good ol' regular people.

Nathan Drake vs Cole McGrath? In an arena?

I really do want a fighting game from Sony though.

MazzingerZ4578d ago

Rico rocks! obviously haven't play the first Killzone.

rexus123454578d ago

wouldn't feel right with all the blood & gore associated with most of those characters.

exnihilonihilfit4578d ago

Can anybody say... Little Big Smash Bros?

Don't know how it would work, but sony has been trying to recreate Nintendo classics under the Play, Create, Share header, so I think it's a possibility.

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EverydayGuy4578d ago

Time to make one in LBP 2!

Godmars2904578d ago

If MM can really deliver, that's going to be a literal go to.

Cevapi884578d ago

wow didnt even think of that....if that is possible....ill be blown away

Jrome4578d ago

*head explodes*

That would be too epic

astar1234567894578d ago

ps3 does not need a smash bros. they have some of the best games on the market, to me this game was to be a filler for games because there games are weak. so you want smash bros. go get a wii if you want really games get a ps3 or the box.

Simon_Brezhnev4578d ago

I've been waiting for a fighting game from Sony.

Maldread4578d ago

You can say Sony has a similar game like Smash with Rag Doll Kung FU and that The Fight: Lights out are on the way. I`m not sure that The Fight will be that good though, so yeah, it would be cool if Sony made a great fighting game of their own