E3 - John Carmack discusses his newest game engine

While the onset of Epic's Unreal engine and the emphasis of casual games has taken a little shine off of his star, taking a meeting with John Carmack still feels like the rarest of events. It's something like climbing up to the peak of a mountaintop to converse with a seer...

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XxZxX5419d ago

too late to the market, Crysis and Unreal beat you to it. Have a new day.

JasonPC360PS3Wii5419d ago

The Video game market is one of the most unpredictable markets around, just ask Sega, 3DO and Atari. You never know when some dev may come up with an engine that comes out of nowhere and and shocks everyone (Chronicles of Riddick) I'm not bashing you I just don't understand your point, you can never be to late to the video game market.

Bloodmask5419d ago

games were all the same. I will give them their props for jump starting th FPS genre. But their games have grown stale, at least to me.

PS360WII5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

Mobile gaming is pretty fun and I do have the Doom RPG game. It was decent and it played really well. Id games did get trapped in the FPS genre for sure which is upsetting because I do think they could do a bunch of crazy cool games, but I don't think there games have gotten bland at all Doom 3 is still a premier horror shooter and Quake was multiplayer mayhem.

"I had a blast doing the DS engine...Twice a year, I lock myself into a hotel room and start coding. This year, it was like going back in a time warp. Here I am 10 years later and the beauty is that I actually know now what I would have done differently then."

That is pretty cool to have all that experience from making all them engines that he can whip up one from the DS nice and fast. I haven't played Orcs and Elves but it must be doing well for it to go up a notch in the gaming platforms ^^

Xi5419d ago

and id's is no different with it's metatextures.