Warhawk making split-screen sexy again

Modern multiplayer games have nearly killed something we loved from the Nintendo 64 era: split-screen multiplayer. Now that our televisions have more pixels and are larger, shouldn't we herald the return of split-screen multiplayer?

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Blankman5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

i completely agree. This is a HUGE selling point for me. I would never have had as much fun playing the beta if my friends couldnt play with me.

@Anubis & Wood. On this site people take away bubbles just for not favouring their opinion.

EZCheez5419d ago

I LOVED the game, but about halfway through the beta when I had family over and my cousin wanted to play I found out the splitscreen couldn't be toggled between horizontal and vertical.

This is such a small nuisance, and I can't imagine how it couldn't be fixed with half an hours work. If they could split the sceen 4-player, why couldn't you split the screen 2-lpayer in whatever direction you chose?

I'm just nitpicking, but I'm lucky to have the tv that I have, and I can't imagine the pain of having a horrible FOV when playing on a tv that isn't widescreen.

clownfacemcgee5419d ago

Not quite true. The 4-player split is easy because it's the exact same ratio as 1 player. 2 player however, has to either half or double the ratio.

So, normal is 4:3, 4-player is 4:3. 2 player is 2:3 if vertically split (horrible field of vision) or 8:3 if horizontal. (also somewhat prohibitive, but not as bad) And if you have widescreen, normal and 4-player is 16:9. And 2-player is either 8:9 (not that bad really) or 32:9. (WOAH! Where did that shot come from?)

Lord Anubis5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

blankman, you are loosing bubbles faster than you could ever change your underwear, what's up with that?

I would usually set up matches that allowed split screen and while i waited for people to join I would usually duke it out with my cousin.

what the article doesn't mention is 4 split screen for online as well. :(

Bits-N-Kibbles5419d ago

there is 4 player split screen for ONLINE!?!? Hold the phone... I didnt hear this! you mean, I can sit with four of my friends at my TV and play via online vs 28 other people with my 3 friends?

crck5419d ago

Which means you and 3 of your buds on one console can play with 28 others online.

Kleptic5419d ago

yeah its absolutely great...and it also doesn't point out that its completely on the fly...

You can start a online game by yourself...and if 3 people show up or something at your place...they just grab the controller, hit the ps button and then hit start...and the screen changes and he/they spawn right in...they can also quit the game before it is over, in which case the screen will go back to just single player is the coolest thing ever...

One thing I wish those is that friends playing on your machine had a way to import their PSN account in the game...a friend of mine that was also in the beta was regularly playing at my place (I had the 7.1 surround..haha)...but it would simply say "kleptic(2)" for him...I wish there was a way to import his account to my ps3 temporarily in the game...not sure if that will ever be feasible...

The Wood5419d ago

but this site kills bubbles fast if you prefer a specific console. its like we all have to act like neutrals.

On topic i cant wait to play this game. I don't think the beta hit europe so hearing people who had the chance to play rave about it has got me amped. 4 player split screen is the shout. a BIG plus for people who have friends over.

pwnsause5419d ago

couldnt say it better myself. that beta was pretty addicting BTW

sonarus5419d ago

Really addicting. Loved the CTF mode the rush of grabbing that flag and hopping in a jeep for the long journey back to home base and hoping you don't get shot by planes or by tanks or by ppl on the ground with their rocket launchers. Usually you don't make it but when you do u get that feeling when u just dominated. Great great game and could potentially be a system seller for ps3 especially for fans of multiplayer shooters.

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