Nintendo Press Conference To Be 2 Hours Long

Geoff Keighly recently tweeted about the length of Nintendo's press conference, which will be held just a few hours before Sony takes the stage at E3. It is expected that Nintendo will reveal their much anticipated 3Ds handheld , amongst other things.

"Just got my Nintendo E3 invite. Looks like they are doing a 2 hour briefing from 9-11 AM. Guess this is why Sony now starts at noon."

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eagle214581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

I can see why. I'm very excited for Nintendo this year. :)

Blaze9294581d ago

Damn, Nintendo is like Jay Leno - made Sony loose their time slot! ZING

But in all seriousness, I can't wait to see the 3DS and Golden Sun 3. OMG Golden Sun. I love that series to death.

LordMarius4581d ago

2 hours?......something is coming

Cheeseknight284581d ago

Well Zelda Wii, Golden Sun DS, and the 3DS are guarantees. They can talk about the 3DS for at least 30 minutes and it not be that boring, as long as they show lots of footage (Somewhat doubtful).

Don't forget about the Wii Vitality Sensor, which hasn't been seen since last E3. It may look like gimmick crap, but you can bet it'll show up this E3, along with last year's big game Metroid Other M.

It's disappointing the more I hear about Other M the less excited I become. The opposite effect happened when Metroid Prime was first announced. I think it has something to do with Wiimote sans-nunchuk being the only control form - my thumb hurt enough just playing Super Paper Mario, I don't want to imagine the soreness after a game like this.

kesvalk4581d ago

you guys forgot pikmin 3 and the retro secret game...

vhero4581d ago

2 hours bore fest if last year is anything to go by... Honestly the new DS worry's me as they say 3D without glasses however its impossible with the new 3D screens that don't need 3D glasses to show 2D content however they also claim its backwards compatible.. They are lying about something... You either need glasses or its not backwards compatible.. Either way Nintendo's press Conferences have never been exciting.. usually a couple of cool announcements then a load of crap to fill the rest. Like a new version of wii fit..

ABizzel14581d ago

There's no need to lie. If they say it's backwards compatible then I'm sure they already have prototypes running 3D games, and playing DS games.

There are 3D screens that allow you to see 3D images without using 3D glasses, but you have to be in the sweet spot, and with the 3DS being a handheld it will be easy to find that sweet spot. Also there are TV's that already have 3D implementation, an dthey can cut the 3D functionality off, which they said the 3DS will be able to do.

So the technology is proven.

qface644581d ago

aren't they always 2 hours?
how long were they before i don't remember

ChickeyCantor4581d ago

Dont forget, that developers are using some standard to the DS hardware for 3D rendering. That information could lead to backwards compatibility.

But was it said that all games will be 3Dish?

But hey what do you know right?
Its them putting millions into R&D.

fatstarr4581d ago

feels good man feels good. I cant wait no one has spoiled it yet so i am like a child on Christmas.

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Microsoft Xbox 3604581d ago

That presentation was an embarrassment.

Cevapi884581d ago

i shivered for a second after watching that

CDbiggen4581d ago

I'll never forget watching that embarrassment of a conference the first time...part of my old Nintendo memories died that day.

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SKCShifty4581d ago ShowReplies(7)
Gr814581d ago

That's actually noon for us east coasters. Hope there's a lot of content to be shown.

EvilTwin4580d ago

In addition to the 3DS, I'm hoping we get Western release dates for Xenoblade and TLS. And with that much time...perhaps we'll finally see what Retro and Project Sora have been up to.

fossilfern4581d ago

Well i still hold out for the good old days of nintendos E3 confrences and i always just get bored but they left the best untill last at least years E3 certainly made me wake up :D

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