The 2010 Game of the Year Contenders Even though we're not nearly halfway through the year, 2010 has seen its share of fantastic titles across all platforms. Now, it’s time for gamers to put their money where their mouths are and predict their choice for Game of the Year 2010. While we’ve already seen a wealth of great titles, gaming’s biggest season has not yet even descended upon us; with it will come a flood of excellent games ranging from Action titles including Metroid: Other M to FPS's like Halo: Reach and everything in-between. Here are the choices that have impressed us most, and have PlaystationEverything's engines revved for the remainder of 2010.

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Strange_Evil4582d ago

Too early to judge GOTY... Too many huge games like RDR, LBP2, Halo, TLG (maybe), Fallout, Rage, Crysis... coming out. I doubt we will have a all GOTY sweeper like UC2 last year.

I am really intrigued by LBP. If it lives up to all it's claim, then it will be really hard to not tag it as GOTY.. It's bringing something new to the table unlike most other 2010 games.

WhittO4582d ago

ye, we still have many titles to come, but so far for me GOTY goes to God Of War 3, only above Heavy Rain because it was more fun to play for me (but then Heavy Rain was more tense and interesting).

My main game is Resistance 3, I have always liked the Resistance games and cant wait to see how Insomniac improve on the second (I am thinking of a BIG graphical jump for the 3rd!).

bjornbear4582d ago

so far...but i agree anyway. not even half way through the year, WAAAY too early to start speculating (especially considering last GoTY came out in the end of 2009

Inside_out4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

This is one of my favorites...INCREDIBLE game play and story...this is the DEMO...the actual game is 8+ hrs of this...chk it out...There are 2 vids 1 is stealth, the other is assault...this is the assault video......ENJOY....

duplissi4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

yeah, but thats what usually happens... all the games that get released early in the year get overshadowed by our short attention span and new releases....

although uncharted more than deserved it last year.

and to cez, really? splinter cell? i only played the demo and well.... zzzzzz

sikbeta4582d ago

GOTY 2010 = God of War III

topdawg1224582d ago

GOW 3 so far, but you know never know by the end of the year.
Everybody already forgot about Bayonetta too.

lh_swe4581d ago

On topic - This article is quite stupid as it is way too early as we have yet to experience half of this years goodies and he mentions Splinter Cell, MLB10: The Show & Heavy Rain (which I doubt will win despite being good) but leaves out Alan Wake...Secondly we migh get a couple of surprises that haven't even been announced yet so it's just such a pointless article... One things for sure though this year is f***ing epic! And I thought last year was mind blowing.

Legosz4582d ago

LBP already won a couple GOTY awards, LBP2 probably will not only due to the fact that its the second one and only a few things were added. That is what reviewers will probably say. Bastards.

huzzaahh4582d ago

More than just a few things were added. They have added an insane amount of new stuff. Look up some details on it, bud.

Aquanox4582d ago

Halo Reach is shaping up to be the best Halo ever created but of course, it's not in this list. (And Dead Rising 2 is lmfao)

Orange Juice4581d ago

Thats because this is a list for the best games of the year, not the best halo game ever. Maybe you should find yourself a new list.

Tachyon_Nova4582d ago

Crappy list, where is Medal of Honor, Crysis 2, Call of Duty: Black Ops, Halo Reach, Bad Company 2, and BioShock 2? Surely arguments can be made for all of these games being the best of year (in the case of the unreleased games, past games in the series' give a hint at the expected quality, all should be very high)?

dizzleK4581d ago

aaaarrrgh shooter overload! *twitches & drools*

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SKCShifty4582d ago ShowReplies(2)
blu_yu_away4582d ago

Unfortunately, I worry that by the end of the year Mass Effect 2 and God of War 3 will be overlooked.

eggbert4582d ago

GOTY is almost always given to second half of the year games.

lh_swe4581d ago

it's probably more common than not to overlook games released early.

QuantumWake4582d ago

I agree. God of War 3 and Mass Effect 2 were definitely released a bit to early in the year. And now, we have all of these games coming out that unfortunately, I too think ME2 and GOW3 will be overlooked. Hopefully gaming sites and award shows don't overlook them.. Because ME2 and GOW3 are by FAR, the best contenders of GOTY.

Cheers!! :D

Inside_out4582d ago

Alan Wake is a contender....Incredible graphics, story and gameplay...May 18th....Alan Awakes on a 360 near you...

huzzaahh4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

Cez of rage has been advertising Alan Wake all over N4G. I think he should take that game's dick out of his mouth and accept the fact that God of War III and Mass Effect 2 are far superior to Alan Wake in every way.

Meryl4582d ago

so GOTY goes to LBP2 then lol, that will hurt, but I want either HR or GOW III to get it:(:(

unknown1004582d ago

the only title there thats a WORTHY goty condeder id god of war three and probably heavy rain

soxfan20054582d ago

I agree with Mass Effect 2 so far.

I seem to remember last year people were saying that if the highest rated game didn't win GOTY, the voters must be biased.

WMW4582d ago

and i remember people saying sites weren't biased if the highest rated game didn't get goty.

waltercross4582d ago

I'm going with LBP 2, because That has Innovation and Gives something to every kind of player.

1. Great Graphics.
2. Play many different kinds of games.
3. Can create Games, Music Videos and Movies.
4. Has a new website coming out that shows any game you made and allows anyone to look for games.

Also, I Know LBP 2 will be at least as good as the last one which won many awards.

2nd choice so far is GOW3.
3rd choice is HR
4th choice is Mass Effect 2

Right now this is what I think, but It's still early.

ShOtCall3r334582d ago

god of war 3 and mass effect 2 are good picks,looks like halo reach can get up their.but the others not so much