Five Reasons Why PC Gaming Rocks

Leave it to SarcasticGamer to come up with a list like this one.

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JsonHenry5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

1- Crysis
2- Superior Resolutions.
3- Better Controls.
4- Online play is free. (facking Microsoft xboxlive!)
5- More update, mods, and new content than on consoles.

And best yet to come - Physics cards and DX10!!

darkside5426d ago

i agree lol!!! PC only rocks if i have 20G to spend on a computer and upgrades. nice avater picture dude, she looks fine :)

Mr VideoGames5426d ago

but Gears of War did look and Run Very smooth on the PC so i give PC Gaming 10/10

Blankman5426d ago

hope you are jokin and arent seriously giving pc gaming a 10/10 when there are tons of games out on pc that would murder any console title. I don't want to mention crysis since its not out but trust me gears of war is not going to be the best game 2 hit pc's. It won't even come close

Bloodmask5426d ago

The only thing that sucks is the price of upgrades.


Couldn't agree more...

I like the system "console + PC". There is some games that you just couldn't play in consoles, Adventures for exemple, they simple almost don't come, so I always try to maintain my PC up to games, even playing more on consoles.

Bubbles for you!

XxZxX5426d ago

I spent $1000+ every two years just to upgrade PC. I'm really sick of the constant upgrading and OS purchases. My 7800GTX now piece of crap now since it doesn't support DX10.

Frulond5425d ago

1. sitting on a chair instead of the couch sux
2. upgrading vid card every 6 months sux and very pricey + you may have to upgrade other stuff that supports them =X
3. gamepads aren't as good as console controllers
4. if no gamepad, playing on keyboard sux
5. if you friends come home to play there's not a useful 2 player split screen unless you have dual keyboards, monitors and mouse @[email protected]

Right now I will need to upgrade my motherboard, microprocessor and vid card if I want one compatible with DX10 =X and fug I don't have the money for it plus my PC still great for what I use it (not just internet and porn but editing audio and video)

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The story is too old to be commented.