Peter Moore: Sony's Business in Japan is 'Crumbling'

When asked specifically about the importance of Japan to the global console battle, he fired back, "That's probably a better question for Sony who's getting outsold by what, 6-to-1? You can bet that Sony built a long-term business plan about being successful in Japan and that business plan is crumbling."

He added, "I built a business plan [for Japan], but I don't think my expectations in Japan were anything close to what Sony's expectations are. They are failing. They're missing their plan by much more than I'm missing my plan."

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TriggerHappy5429d ago

you gotta love Moore. I agree with him. Sony could do much much better in Japan than they doing right now

AznSniper5429d ago

I agree with him.....but Sony will finally start to pick up with the release of the highly anticipated Hot Shots Golf 5 in July 26.....apparently they said they already have over 300,000 preorders for this game in Japan

jromao5429d ago

...his problem is 360 selling more than Gameboy there and his business "rising" due to red lights and consumers getting informed about the problems they try to hide from public knowledge.

Marceles5429d ago

I agree that they should have catered to the Japanese audience...usually that's who ends up winning the console war.

Firewire5429d ago

Ok! whatever Peter!
the 360 sells under 3,000 units weekly (actually I think its below 2,500)
the PS3 is outselling the 360 by more than 2:1 in Japan, in less than half the time on the market, without any Japanese focused games on the market.

Peter Moore said at the launch of the 360 "We will make major in-roads this time in Japan" "We won't make the same mistake" bull crap!

The PS3 hasn't released one heavy hitter in Japan yet. The Japanese buy the following games like crazy...

Hot Shots Golf
FFXIII & Versus
Tekken 6
& not to mention the numerous mmo's and over 15 jrpg's Sony has in development!

Peter Moore will look really stupid soon, if he doesn't already!

ALI G5429d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

you missing the point for shony BS3 is planned for 20-30 years not 1,2,3..5 years .who want to play console 3or 5 year?everyone i know want to stick with their console for 12 years

smitty5429d ago

The 360 has no chance now in Japan, so Moore is badmouthing the PS3. What an ugly american.

johnnywit5429d ago


I could care less about this article but I just thought I would let you know peter is British or something not americian.

dantesparda5429d ago

Contain yourself, you're starting to lose it. You seem mad. Why? is it cuz the majority of the media like the Sony Press conference over yours? Or is it cuz the 360 barely sells in Japan? You talk of Wii beating their @ss by a factor of 6 to 1, however, the Wii is kicking your ass too, right here in the US, not to mention, beating everybodies @ss all over the world. Temper,temper, remember, never let them see you sweat. Now if you could tell your repair department to hurry it up with my 360, it was supposed top only take 7 to 8 business days to fix, and now you're telling me 4 to 6 weeks. Sharp MS, real fvcking smart. I just better get a breakproof 360, thats all im saying, cuz i dont wanna go through this sh!t a fourth time. Now compose yourself


Things are looking bad for Sony, indeed. And if they get any worse, other game companies are not going to help it.

Folks over at Newsweek’s Level Up have interviewees that predict game companies are not going to be helping out the PS3 with exclusive content, or even throwing them a bone at all.

“Already third party executives are telling me that if PS3 sales stay below 100k for 3 consecutive months, PS3 SKUs may start disappearing from release lists,” Geoff Keighly said in the blog. “In turn, this wil create a wealth of de-facto exclusives for the Xbox 360.”

No exclusive content for the PS3 and exclusive content for rival consoles would mean Sony’s baby would join the ranks of failed over-priced systems.

acies5429d ago

What he says pisses me off.. because it's true.
I would have thought atleast Hirai Kazuo knows what he's doing, but considering how it looks in Japan now (grave indeed), someone needs a serious wake-up call. And I'm not talking about the consumers with their blind hype for the Wii, which, contrary to popular belief, really isn't as cheap as they want it to be if you think it through.

nasim5429d ago

X360 is the least selling console in JAPAN

it sells 2k hardwares per week and has sold just 380k hardwares till date.(in 20 months)

on the other hand ps3 has sold 1.05 million consoles in japan and sells 12 k hardwares per week

natsfan75428d ago

Peter is not saying that the xbox is doing better in japan than the PS3, but that the PS3( and 360) is being crushed in Japan by the Wii. The difference is that no one thought the 360 would sell well in Japan, so MS mad the plans with Japan as an after thought; while Japan was a key part to the success of the PS3.

hazeblaze5428d ago

The problem with all of your comments is that the PS3 has been picking UP in sales in Japan over the last month, where as the 360 has been dropping further.

Also, in regards to developer support. There have been more devs making announcenments for the PS3 in the last months too... particular Japanese developers. They're getting 3 rpg's this year that we aren't getting outside of Japan. So all of your doom & gloom prophicies are really moot.

Especially after this past E3 and seeing Free Radical & Epic throw some weight in Sony's court. Popularity for the system is clearly increasing... not the other way around. And by next year, there should be absolutely no more price issues with the system if costs continue to fall reasonably... coupled with the awesome PS3 lineup... it will be just in time to start overtaking the competition in sales and continue Sony dominance.

nobizlikesnowbiz5428d ago

Thank you for understanding the point of the article.


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Odion5429d ago

it would be hard just 2 years ago Sony was seeing NDS and Wii numbers on EVERYTHING, it would be a huge loss for them

pwnsause5429d ago (Edited 5429d ago )

crumbling? i think its quite the oppisite, he should stop worring about the PS3 and start fixing those RROD 360 consoles that they rushed 2 years ago into the market...

risk5429d ago

and the funnier thing is...what is his plan for japan? to keep stock of all the 360's that will never go sold? cuz the ps3 is outselling it in japan.

Premonition5429d ago

Even though some things are true what he stated, hes one to talk.