Kotaku Lair Impressions

The bottom line is that this is one of those games that's got a fairly steep learning curve and not a ton of time to learn what you have to do, but it's also meant to be played and replayed.

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HaKeRsCanRotINHEL5430d ago

impatient/ talentless wussbag doesn't mean the rest of us won't be able to master the dragons! His game journalist licenses should be revoked. 8D

Mr VideoGames5430d ago

i wonder if this Game will be Fun? im not going to run out and get a PS3 but im still waiting or something to amaze me

rev205430d ago

Im glad its got a steep learning curve im sick of easy games, the majority of games these days are pretty damn easy when you compare them to the retro games of yester years.

Its about time games became difficult again

Loudninja5430d ago

Just that it got a steep learning curve.Thats no big deal

cuco335430d ago

visually it looks great, but i think this game isn't going to impress many soon as it's available due to repetitiveness. i may be wrong but this is based solely on the videos i've seen. if i owned a ps3, the usual hits i'ld look forward to would be heavenly sword for that new god of war style fix, uncharted for that new tomb raider style fix, mgs4 for mgs style fix, gt5 for those racing game style fix, etc... it's really cool that lair explores something relatively new but everything i've seen about the game doesn't impress me nor does it say 'PLAY THIS NOW!'
flying on dragons, shooting fire, with the occasional tail whip. rinse and repeat. add story line with pretty CGI and voila, you got lair. again, that's my impressions based on the videos i've seen

boi5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

...but hey wait for it to come out and see if its any good...

I don't know if this will be like any other Dragon games, but proberly Sony would know best not to make another Dragon game which plays pretty lame

well im getting this when it comes out..and to me it looks like alot of fun and ofcourse the graphics are awsome...imagine a 3rd person shooter something liek Gears but with a dragon plus it flies with using the movement of ur control(which will show off the sixaxis to its limit) it will flow really well...i have faith in this title :D anyways just wait for the complete game to come out and the reviews/previews for it b4 buying if u have doubts

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The story is too old to be commented.