Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto… One of the most popular yet controversial game series’ ever made. Hard to believe that it all started as a 2D top down game back in 1997! Now of course, it’s built on a 3D engine and is now tearing up the latest consoles in HD.

Developed in Scotland by Rockstar North, it’s definitely one of the finer British gaming exports and it’s still got plenty of life left in it yet. For years it’s managed to fend off clones, such as Saints Row and True Crime but Rockstar, doing what they do best, poked fun at them along the way.

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Genesis54582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

Well then you would have the disc space to do some of the authors suggestions. But I don't see it happening.

I know some would suggest multi disc for the 360. That really makes multi player complicated though and going back to earlier parts of the game is usually a casulty to this approach(see ff xiii). DVD9 is holding this gen back more than some like to addmit.

Legosz4582d ago

You can always save on your harddrive and save yourself from disk swapping. But games like these just show how superior the PS3 is with bluray.

Nicaragua4582d ago (Edited 4582d ago )

Red Dead dosnt have a map that is an entire detailed city, its full of wide open deserts, plains etc.

Just like the massive world in Oblivion fits on a DVD9 disc with its exciting landscape of fuck all.

MasFlowKiller4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

Yeah i know the 360 compression tech is good but 3 different cities is probably not capable in a single DVD9, plus how many developers are going to pay microsoft royalties for a multiple disk?

I think the next GTA will be set in Las Ventures(AKA Las Vegas).
I dont think they can make a full San Andres with is different region and fit it in a DVD9.

Also i dont think anyone would argue that a full Las Vegas style GTA is a bad idea.

I would also like to note that GTA games are not all set in the same time lines, GTA3 (Liberty City) in mid 90s, GTA Vice city in the 80s, GTA San Andres in Early 90s. For all we know the next GTA game could be set in the 60s, 70s or even back in the 80s or 90s.

PS. The next GTA game is probably not going to be called GTA V unless they use a different engine. Each number is a reference to the engine they are using. That is why last gen GTA Vice City was not GTA4 and GTA San Andres was not GTA5

Sm0k3y_Bac0n4581d ago

Would be better set in London IMO

Hideo_Kojima4581d ago

I would love GTA 4: London

I think they could pull of some good story with young gangs maybe starting of at the age of 18 selling weed etc and then getting mixed up with big cocaine dealers and carry on from there.

The map (if it could fit) would bee awesome because it is divided in 4 sections and a river running through them. Each area has different types of people even in real life.

koh4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

So you really don't think anyone would think that a landlocked city in the desert that Rockstar has already recreated would be a bad idea? I'll throw my hat in that ring then. Especially since a brand new Western game by Rockstar comes out in three days. Oceans are a GTA staple.

Trey_4_life4581d ago

If it ain't a ps3 exclusive then i might not buy it because i have had enough of playing half made games because of the limited space of the DVD9.

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DaTruth4582d ago

I say they make two separate games on each console simultaneously! That is the only way to be fair and they will still make a ton of money. If one of them turns out better, don't get angry, get a new console!

They could even still use a lot of the same dialog, story and actors, while just tweaking the mission locations for the different games. Since all cutscenes are in-engine, that won't be such a problem.

Hideo_Kojima4581d ago

If that happened the internet would implode from Fanboy comments, comparison videos, forum arguments, parody songs, maybe even online reviews the size of novels comparing the 2 games.

It would mean that both consoles get a better optimized game then they would if it was multiplat but I don't think Rockstar would ever risk making this the first World War on the internet.

Biggest4581d ago

And someone would still say "But the 360 version just seems a bit crisper!"

Bubble Buddy4582d ago

Just don't make it too realistic like IV and it will be fine and add less repetitive things to do and it will be fine.

voice_of_ reason4581d ago

I actually think realism wasn't the problem, I personally loved it. However, I agree about the repetitiveness of it. And also, make it so i can actually buy meaningful things with my money (i had like 1/2 million dollars and nothing to buy lol)

frankymv4582d ago

PS3 has Agent as exclusive

AliTheBrit194582d ago ShowReplies(6)
siyrobbo4582d ago

and lose about 8 million sales? i doubt it very very much

at the very least they could make it for the Ps3, and cut out what wont fit on the 360

Tho i dont see that happening at all

booni34582d ago

they wouldnt make as much money. it'll never happen.

cereal_killa4582d ago

I think by the time GTAV gets announced since R* North is busy with Agent M$ will most likely be announcing there new system with more HD storage and size limitation shouldn't be a problem any more.

NCAzrael4581d ago

Unless they go with a better disc medium (i.e. Blu-ray) hard drive space doesn't mean shit. If it was all about HDD space they could just stop gouging prices on their hard drives and sell a 500GB drive for $80 like the rest of the world. Although it would be funny to see how many 360 owners would try to play down the install times that it would take to install a multiple DVD game onto their hard drive while the PS3 had a minimal install while keeping most files on the BD.

secksi-killer4582d ago ShowReplies(4)
Heisenberg4581d ago

You'll jump to any outrageous conclusions to avoid even considering saying anything even slightly negative about MS and/or the 360. It's one thing to have a personal preference, but you seem to be incapable of looking at these things objectively.

The less space developers have to work with, the less options they have, that's a simple fact. Obviously DVD9s are old tech, there's only so far you can go with it, Bluray has less limitations, you can admit this to yourself and still enjoy your 360 you know.

Simon_Brezhnev4581d ago

thats typical of the delusional 360 fanboys

Richard Alpert4581d ago

Says the delusional PS3 fanboy

boysenberry4581d ago

Make GTA V exclusively for the PS3. Don't let Microsoft and the 360 hold you back anymore!


Rockstar is making an exclusive that for sure, that is Agent.

booni34581d ago

are you so warped you wont even admit that a multiplat GTA would outsell an exclusive? my god you need help.
Xbox = 1
PS = 1
Xbox+PS = 2
can u at least pretend u hav common sense, wow.

iPad4581d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if Sony says:

We decided to change the title of Agent. It will now be called Gran Theft Auto V

Karlnag34581d ago

that would be hilarious xD imagine what would happen if they actually said that at e3! Bubbles for you, I lold.

Raf1k14581d ago

GTA has always been multiplatform. It should stay that way IMO. We've got Agent coming to PS3 and while I'd like more I think that's good enough.

NCAzrael4581d ago

Actually, GTA hasn't always been multiplatform. The first GTA games were released for the PC. It wasn't until later that they were re-released on the PS1. And GTA3, Vice City, and San Andreas were all released on the PS2 before going multiplatform.

kunit22c4581d ago

a GTA that takes place back in the 50's.... anyone else think that sounds sweet??

velaxun4581d ago

May I refer you to Mafia 2?

Croaker4581d ago

RAM has got more to do with it than the format that is used. Sure DVD 9 is limiting things. But RAM is playing a large role here, folks.

And so what if Red Dead isn't fully populated and doesn't have tons of buildings and people everywhere. This is the theme of the old west (Yes, I know it's set in 1908, hence the dying of the old west.) I'm looking forward to that vast open space with which to ride my horse on. I can ride into a small town and 'feel' like "the man with no name" Awesome!

X-DominusRebellis-X4581d ago

I don't know about this. They need to reconsider a lot of their missions. GTA4 became so tedious with the whole "follow that guy and kill him" missions. They need to have some stealth, sneaking, silent assassination type missions. But a good setting for the next GTA could be:

- South America
- Tokyo
- Italy/Rome
- Russia
- Eastern Europe

blind-reaper4581d ago

I want it to be in Mexico with all the narco-killing going on here it is not that hard to imagine.

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FuckinUsername4582d ago

Developed in Scotland by Rockstar North

makes me proud to be scottish :3

MexicanAppleThief4582d ago

Wait, so Rockstar North is in Britain? Epic. So many great devs are from Britain :3

AliTheBrit194582d ago

Yep Rockstar North are British

Indeed, the best developers are British :)

cool cole4581d ago

I tend to think both Canadian and British developers are the best.

Croaker4581d ago (Edited 4581d ago )

We've got some devs in America that are very talented. Though no denying that the best two development houses imo are BioWare (Canadian) and Lionhead (British). Of course I also think that Blizzard (American) are a talented lot too.

table4582d ago

Scots tend to grasp onto anything for their pride, it's quite a haughty attitude to be honest. It stems from our inferiority complex. I'm scottish so I know exactly what I'm talking about, I'm taking the unbiased look a the situation.

cereal_killa4582d ago

every time something Scottish is mention it reminds me of this lol

Charmers4582d ago

It still doesn't make up for the fact the Scottish invented Golf.

I kid I kid just a little bit of humour there.

Zerodin4582d ago

I see nothing to be proud of. It's a game that glorifies criminal behavior.

FuckinUsername4580d ago

Indeed, proud of it. Better to glorify criminal behavour in video games than irl.

Pedobear Rocks4581d ago

GTAIV must have been developed elsewhere...cause it was crap.

And if it ain't Scottish...its crap.

THC CELL4580d ago

Scottish people always proud

Rockstar Games was founded in 1998 by Sam Houser and Terry Donovan, friends since school in London, with Sam’s brother Dan. The following year Rockstar acquired DMA Design, the Edinburgh-based video games developer now named Rockstar North with which it had collaborated on the development of the Grand Theft Auto games series. Together they began work on the next titles in the series, including Grand Theft Auto III, which sold eight million copies after its launch in 2001.

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vgn244582d ago

Hell yes! Just Cause 2 let's everything open up to you from the beginning and it's up to the player to create the experience. Screw GTA.

Legosz4581d ago

Just Cause 2 is fucking boring with empty fucking areas 80% of the time.

kanetheking4581d ago

den got bored.gtaiv not even the best gta and i put over 50 hours.still my fav is sr2 if you guys want a fun game sr2. got it from amazon 12 pound worth full price buying 3 for sure day 1.

edit one time my bro spent 4 hours customize the cars.

KING854582d ago

If it was PS3 exclusive it would be optimized for the blu-ray storage capacity. However, we are seeing fewer and fewer third party exclusives this gen. Of course there is Agent coming out, but I believe that was a deal worked out between Sony and Rockstar. More than likely the next GTA will not be exclusive, but lets hope they don't hold back on what they want to do because of limitations.

beavis4play4582d ago

i just hope they bring back the fun of vice city and SA. my personal favorite is VC, but both are exceptional games with LOADS of fun to be had.

GTA4, on the other hand, was a steaming pile. i didn't like anything about it.