The Defending Champ: Why Sony Will Win This Holiday Season

Part two of a three part article, myarcadeplanet takes a look into "Why Sony should win this holiday season."

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solideagle15430d ago

sounds like roger fedderer lolz well the lineup is astounding and extensive. i hope PS fans buy games to reach these AAA titles to millions of sales. we still want gears of war success type game lolz well in the playstation case its not 1 its many :)
happy gamez

THC CELL5430d ago

i think sony will have a good Christmas

followed by the wii

ALI G5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

will be behind the 360 this holiday season

""even without warranty i still will go for the 360 this holiday season
premium system+core systems(backup)=379£ < 380£ ps3

by new year 11 exclusives coming , PLUS it will get it multi-platform games in time.

Blue Dragon(exc), Bioshock(exc), Halo3(exc), GTA4, PGR 4(exc), lost odessy(exc), Mass effect(exc), splinter cell convection(exc), Ace Combat 6(exc), Two Worlds(exc),Scene It? (exc) , Beautiful Katamari(exc), XboxLive =arcades +movie download service SD&HD , IPTV (exc), Pro evolution 7, Devil May Cry 4 madden, Stranglehold, Burnout Paradise(with the true force feedback wheel),Mercenaries 2, Call of Duty 4, Assassins Creed, Army of Two, Rock Band.

in addition to the huge library of games e.g: gears of war(exc), forza 2(exc),dead rising(exc), saint raw(exc),C&C3(exc),obvilio n,GRAW2,R6V,Overlord(exc),Guit ar Hero II, LIVE ARCADES,viva,Dirt "

since the ELITE/HALO EDITION have diffrent motherboard than other SKU ,no defection, they will sell alot

Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy XIII, Killzone 2, all coming 2008 ,this is when i will consider buying BS3 if 2/3 donot end up in 360. plus people will not pay 425£ this year to play AAA game next year

eLiNeS5430d ago

will be at the bottom this holiday season. It makes no since to buy a PofS3 this year. There still is not enough good games until possibly next year. The 360 will out shine the rest this year with the incredible line up of blockbuster games coming out. I won't list the games here, everyone knows what’s coming out. Just you wait and see, but if I were you, I would Jump in. Xbox 360 baby!!!

Don't get me wrong, I will possibly get a PofS3, but not until there are some good games for it and they drop the price to about $250. That's about what it's worth to me since it wouldn't get played as much as the 360.

cuco335430d ago

simply for the fact that all systems seem to have some great titles all out there around the same time. i can't really guess who my pick would be because as good as 1 platform looks, the other looks just as promising

the greatest5430d ago

plus all the 360 will be getting repaired

R0l35430d ago

Actually quite a true argument.

Shame 360 fanboys are here to ruin the day when they hear this...

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The story is too old to be commented.