Assassin's Creed interview

After Gamersyde's interview with Jade Raymond, producer on Assassin's Creed, Gamersyde now had the chance to meet the brain behind the game, Patrice Désilets. It's a good way to learn how the game was created (with an interesting insight about the origins of the concept), but also some details about how long the game will be and the rather strange highlighting of the characters. You'll also learn a bit about the interesting concepts he would love to work on in the future.

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The Real Joker5430d ago

1: Notice the background? Apparently game designers make the cheddar.
2: I am very interested in this game but knowing he has a beard makes me think that maybe I should hold off and rent it because well come on...its a beard.
3:Referring to comment two of mine...the only positive thing about beards is the whole flavor saver thing :)

Rhezin5430d ago

wtf are you talking about crazy kid. I think beards are good cuz it shows the designer is older and not an amateur, and they probably grew out that beard because they were working on the game 24/7, but that has nothing to do with how the game plays. It will be a AAA title, I got it preordered.

jromao5430d ago

If he takes 1 to 1.5 hours to end one mission with the excelent knowledge he have about his own game, the average gamer will spend about 2 hours, so maybe what's 30/35 hours of gameplay will end up in 40 or 50 for us and that isn't bad at all. This times he said, doesn't include time wasted travelling between cities and some other cutscenes. We must give it credit, for a game beeing developed since January 2004.