Rumors - $399 40gig PS3 Coming Soon, FFXIII Could be Delayed Until Late 08, PS3 Achievements

The latest edition of Game Informer magazine finally hit the stands. It contains quiet a lot of juicy new information. They have an exclusive first look at an upcoming game called "Prototype" which is due out on the PS3/360 next year. Details will be published soon.

According Game Informer magazine, a $399 40gig PS3 system is on the way, but it will have no backwards compatibility. They actually expected to hear the announcement at E3 on it. So they may have just heard different rumblings altogether.

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360Sheep4139d ago

uh oh.. what is that, sku #4? in direct competition with the premium, i be the 360 will get a price drop before this model drops, well at least it better

big_tim4139d ago

if this is true, they are going crazy with the SKU's. They need to stick to one or two and adjust the price accordingly. As for the BC, I think they meant without the EE chip.

Wolfgang1874139d ago

Too many SKUs spoil the soup! Without trying to sound too pompous the average consumer isn't too bright and adding a dose of confusion to the decision to buy a gaming console is just a stupid thing to do.

risk4139d ago

i think a cheaper alternative would be...the same thing as a 60gb ps3, except without a hard drive, i know id pick that up and buy my own 200GB HD and put that bay in there.

Marceles4139d ago

Even though I doubt this rumor is true...why even include a hard drive in the PS3 if you're going to keep shipping different SKUs with different hard drive storages?. In that case, just ship PS3s with no hard drives and with or without wireless and the extra slots and have people buy their own hard drive. People are already confused with the rumors and new SKUs and bundles, let's confuse them even more...

360Sheep4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

you need a hard drive in each and every single sku, that way a developer will know that every single person that will purchase the game has that option available, that way when in development, they can use the hard drive in the development process. If it does not, then the developer has to program for the lowest common denominator, the problem that the GTAIV developers are having.

it was a reply to both you and risk,

erosevaporator4139d ago

That's what I did when my sore that I pre-ordered from didn't get as many 60 gigs as they thought. I now have a 200 gig ps3, lol. Who cares about wireless internet anyhow. It's much better playing with a wire, than having to deal with lag. I figure I saved a hundred bucks, and then spent it on m more space than lots of people have. It just seemed like the sane thing to do.

Skynetone4139d ago

i think they can figure out that there paying more for a larger hd

theres a big difference between the 360 skus

Synex4139d ago

You can't ship the PS3 without a HDD, that's a major thing with Blu-ray. It helps loads times, and allows for better graphics, because games are using the HDD to download certian files to it. Also, PS3 games already use the HDD, so it's not viable.

sony fan4139d ago

I can't believe they tried to tell people it was worth 600 dollars. Well they know better, If I didn't have a 360 I'd be pissed about not being able to use my PS3 for anything but poor quality blur-ray movies till others got a better version for cheaper. By the way, ignorant gamers have no idea about the extra storage the 360 has which acts like a hard drive in all 360 even the core. Look it up.

Omegasyde4139d ago

@raptors @rusgreim

You sure about that HD percentage?

If so what about after the Holidays?

What about the U.S. Government maaking HD standard soon?

What about the increase of regular (local) and suscription channels all switching to High definition broadcasting?

Sony makes movies also and gets a cut from it. What about that profit from Blue ray Sales?

What if HD DVD dies before the end of year?

........Not playing the devil's advocate, but Blue ray is selling way more in Europe than HD DVD. Also to say that HD Tv's aren't going to be popular soon is trully ignorant. Especially the sales that coming during the month of December and after the Holiday Season.

Also producing movies in mass production probally cost Sony 1/8 of what the price that they sell the Movie at.

Granted, that the profit from Columbia,MGM,Tristar won't go to Sony Computer, but to Sony in whole. If say Sony is selling and losing profit from every Ps3 for blue ray and not games, the company will make it back in some means in another department.

If Sony could get their head out of their "@$$" they would merge Sony Online Entertainment (, and do that Video in demand
with thier own studio's atleast....they might break even some day.

neogeo4138d ago (Edited 4138d ago )

they are selling off the last of the 20gigs.
only a few left in downtown San Francisco

now gimmy a bubble for that info

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TriggerHappy4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

There is already the rumor that the 360 will drop $100 across all SKU's

Syko4139d ago

I would for sure buy a PS3 for $399. No question about it I would run out and get it the day it was announced.

Boink4139d ago

not going to happen...

drtysouf214139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Then the 2 remaining sku's would probably be 40GB for $399 and 80GB for $499 which in my opinion would be a great deal. People wanting blu-ray more then video games would opt to purchase the 40GB model because they won't care for backwards compatibility and people opting for video games will go for the 80GB model.

One of the things that makes sense about this is Sony has the PS3 and the new BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player priced the same at $499 so in a sense they are competing with themselves but to have the PS3 as the lowest priced blu-ray player on the market gives them the chance to increase the PS3 install base at the same time getting more Blu-ray hardware out into the market.

Guess we'll soon see if its true or not.

Edit: @rusgreim. I see your logic but i think that Sony wants to get the hardware out there first and then try to bring over the blu-ray only buyers to the video game side which if they market it correctly shouldn't be that hard of a task. For example Stranglehold comes with the movie and the game. They may do that with say Spiderman 3. Or start including PS3 game demos on some blu-ray movies and so forth.

Syko4139d ago

A $400 would be a killer blow to MS, Granted I think it would only even things up for a while because Sony couldn't drop the price any lower for a while. And MS could drop AGAIN before Sony if really needed. Even still a $400 PS3 would sell very, very, well. I don't need or want backwards compatability anyways. Just get the price down to $400. Hell put a 10gig HDD for all I care I will upgrade it later.

All that said, I don't see this happening at all.

rusgreim4139d ago

... but you had better hope and pray there are very few users purchasing the PS3 as a Blu Ray player. Why?

Because if the long running trend on video game consoles holds true, then Sony is likely losing money on the PS3. Not as much as they were at first, but its long been the case that the console is sold at a loss to get the console on the market and then make up the loss through video game licensing.

People buying the console for a Blu-Ray player means no games. No games means no revenue stream from licensing. No games means no attach rate. No attach rate means a loss of exclusives and lack of third party support.

You Sony folks might look at the number of consoles sold as a large indicator, but if people really are buying them as anything other than a gaming platform, that is bad news for Sony.

Amplifier4139d ago


Um...Sony proved that wrong 7 years ago with a little system called the Playstation 2...I am sure you have heard about it.

I sure hope that it doesn't come down to this multiple SKUs because it would just flood the retail space and confuse consumers more...I do hope that Sony has bigger plans for the holidays just not this option.


okcomputer4139d ago

If the original "budget" ps3 was a failure that ultimately got discontinued, why would sony opt for an even more stripped down version with no backwards compatibility (albeit with a bigger hd) and make the same mistake twice? Their best bet imo is to further drop the price of the 60gb to $450 for the holidays, wait until the 60gb inventory is all sold out then drop the price of the 80gb model to $500 and establish the 80gb as the "final" and only ps3 model and move on from there.

suedester4139d ago

It's not further stripped down, it has wifi and the memory slots so is basically the premium model minus 20gb and the EE chip. Presuming it exists at all that is. Not bad for $399.

Primetimebt4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

Even if the playstation 3 is used for a blu ray player Sony it still getting its commission from blu ray movies. It's win/win for sony no matter how you look at it.

Raptors4139d ago

Wow, Rusgriem just spoke some real talk and a bunch of you disagreed. It amazes me at the mentality of some of you on this site. You can't compare what the ps2 did with dvd to ps3 and bluray. VHS to DVD was pretty drastic in picture quality, not to mention the size convenience over tapes and the ability to jump scenes. Now, there's only 25% of homes with HDTV's, DVD's have pretty much penetrated the market and while HD DVD is all but dead it's still lingering and doing pretty well in Europe. Game companies make larger profit margins on games, accessories, and online market places. Hence the whole attach rate rant Microsoft keeps boasting about.

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