Associatedcontent: Top Five Xbox 360 Shooter Games for Fall 2010

Associatedcontent: Fall is usually the best time of the year for game releases. For many game developers, the goal is to release games just before the busy holiday season. Here are some of the top Xbox 360 shooters that I feel are going to be the biggest sellers this coming fall.

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stonecold13266d ago

which halo is exclusive to 360 the rest is multiplatform

GameOn3265d ago

well it;s not like there isn't a sh*t ton of shooters though is it.

What would the list look like for Sony I wonder?

Shendow3265d ago

Longer, but I'm happy Sony doesn't have alot of FPS games on their system, heck Halo is the only real reason I got a 360, I like games that have long game play and not have to play online for it to last long.

Just finish 100 games in Halo Reach Beta, would be more but gf wanted sometime and I been playing Elder Scrolls and 3D Dot Game Heroes for PS3.

Shendow3265d ago

Thats kind of dumb to disagree with what I said, retard people disagree the fact I like to play something that has longer gameplay.