The Evolution of DotA Lies In Heroes of Newerth

Every now and then along comes a game that, by its very nature, becomes an instant classic; it's that rare moment when aesthetics, innovation, polish and some incredible timing come together to create an enduring legacy. Counter-Strike, Starcraft, Warcraft III, Diablo II, Tetris, the list goes on and on.

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593265d ago

I had as much fun as I did rage. I have never seen so many terrible players that fed the other team kills(gold)

Even a player as skilled as I was, I could not undo the failure of my mentally challenged teammates.

But when I was paired with medium or even good players, the fun was amazing. The unreal tournament-ish announcer makes the Triple kills even more satisfying.

But anyways, $30 for this game is hilarious.

It sometimes takes 10 minutes to find a game where people do not rage quit due to the host forgetting to auto balance or just being plain idiots. It sometimes takes 15 minutes to find a 8/10 game that turns into a 10/10 game with an AFK host.

Do NOT but this game until it is $15. Then it would be definitely worth it.

ilikecookies3265d ago

You must be mentally challenged yourself, I own the game and I take nowhere near as long as 3 minutes to get a game going...If I get up to run to my kitchen for a drink I come back and the game is sure you been playing the same game?

593265d ago

You are full of ****.

Half of the games I joined I get kicked because my win/loss ratio is too good or too bad.

Beta or not, Im sure that still happens.