Heavenly Sword Demo : Dated for Europe

The demo has been dated for the EU playstation store. It will be out on the 26 July which is this month. No indication of when it will be available in other regions as yet though.

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TriggerHappy5428d ago

NA region usually gets the demo before any other regions, with this confirmation is possible that we might be getting the demo this thursday ?

boi5428d ago

yea if NA gets it first its awsome i don't mind which ever ways

can't wait :D

DarkJedi5427d ago

Well Ninja Theory are based in the UK (Cambridge, to be precise) so it would make sense that EU get's it first.

I don't really mind who get's what first, it's not like I can't hop onto any other regions store and get whatever free stuff I want anyway.

Blankman5428d ago (Edited 5428d ago )

possible but i wouldnt get ur hopes up. Don't know what sony is doing with demos but i dnt see why they will hold out till the 26th when its done right now. There is probably a reason and we will probably get it on the 26th as well. I am far to dissapointed in psn at this point i really have no optimism when referring to it. E3 was too much of a let down on that front.

Disagree all you want. PS3 rocks but psn sucks. While i would still rather not pay. I feel they could do more for us than they are currently doing.

Wolfgang1875428d ago

They have to know that most of us have multiple accounts from different regions, why not just add it everywhere?

boi5428d ago

yea but not every1 can figure that out lol

like example my friend ahem...he totally don't know nothing about it lol

Marceles5428d ago

Call me selfish but I figured it out lol, who cares who else can't..I'll be there on the 26th :)). I do think they should just have an all around PSN network, not just a little here and there. I understand about the japanese and hong kong maybe being a little different, but the UK and NA stores should have the same content.

Wolfgang1875428d ago

Just make a new account only use an address in say the UK. I used then Brittish Prime Minister Tony Blair's address. I hope he likes his blu-ray copy of Casino Royale.

Scythesean5428d ago

I would say maybe 25-30% of PS3 owners have more then one account outside of their own country. And that number is pushing it I think, not that many know to create a different account to get more access. Most think that whatever is on their store is everywhere like the internet.

Violater5428d ago

I cant read anything you just said your avatar pulls my eye's sideways lol.

I will believe the date we will get demo's when we actually get it.

ld_ruiz695428d ago

If its to be out on that date and still have not been released on US well I could still download it from my european account store :D:D

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The story is too old to be commented.