28 Misunderstandings Heavy Rain Has About Americans

GameXplain says: "Dear Sony Europe, My name is Schuyler and I live in California. I bought and played your new game Heavy Rain and thought I could help you understand some nuances of American culture that seem to be getting in the way of this game's unfolding movements and processes. I have composed a list for your reference..."

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Trey_4_life3169d ago

This game is a master piece and rightfully a sony ps3 exclusive geared towards the maturer gamer.

My hairs stand up every time i look at my ps3 games collection with all the great titles it has.

E3 for heavy rain 2!

FordGTGuy3169d ago Show
badz1493168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

so, after all the great games and several GoTY candidates and winners, for you PS3 still has no games and only a BD player? now, THAT's SAD!

Rock Bottom3168d ago

My ignore list is growing faster than I thought it would be.

Cheeseknight283168d ago

Heavy Rain is NOT a masterpiece. It is an amazing evolution of the genre and truly a game that every other company aspiring to take a step into story-driven games should immediately look to, however.

But the plot holes and iffy voice acting prevent this game from being a masterpiece. A masterpiece is almost flawless, Heavy Rain doesn't fall into that category.

Trey_4_life3168d ago Show
FordGTGuy3168d ago (Edited 3168d ago )

wow PS3 Fanboys are so insecure actually I beat GOW3, MGS4, GOW collections(game I currently have, LBP and so on. I'm currently waiting on GT5 so why don't you guys stop being a bunch of stuck up fanboys.

Bottom line, when I first bought my PS3 I wasn't convinced in the gaming section it was in the Blu-Ray section.

Cheeseknight283168d ago


You go from sounding decently intelligent to acting like a troll. I had some respect for you, but it's gone now.

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Darkstorn3169d ago

Some of them were absolutely brilliant. The Scott one, welfare one...

DJexs3168d ago

love it.

for the most part this was a satirical article it wasn't supposed to be 100% serious. That is for you people who do not seam to understand this and find the article offensive.

tplarkin73168d ago

Americans have something called "a sense of humor".

Tony P3168d ago

Ha. That was pretty funny.

I like the "most of us rarely fail to sit in a chair" thing.

Most of us. Haha.

aaron58293168d ago

I'm not an american, but i do find some stuff in that list are funny...

but then again, it's just a videogame... most american films also misunderstand about asian / european cultures..

I dont see anyone complaining about it.

And yeah, i'm Asian.

WildArmed3168d ago


Making a big deal outta nothing.

And your stereotyping 'Americans' more than the games.

Because, guess what, people are different.
There might be an 'American' guy who does all that.

So 'most' doesn't mean all, don't be so stereotypical.

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andresegers3169d ago

"No old man is named Scott. We kill them all before they reach thirty five."

That one's my favorite.

Scott6673169d ago

I don't get the Scott thing. What do Americans have against the name Scott?

Other than that it was pretty funny

AngryFork3169d ago

Most Scott's in film/television here are young people, it's rare to see a Scott who looks above 30. It's a name I associate with like a kid running around "hey scotty" or mikey etc. kinda thing.

It just feels like a young name, that's my view on it atleast.

Bobbykotickrulesz3169d ago

Hey my dad's name is Scott.

Fuck you guys. :(

dizzleK3168d ago

i'm no prude but was the f word really necessary? this is an all ages site.

WildArmed3168d ago

speaking of this is an all age site..
most of the audience of N4G is 11! XD

Bobbykotickrulesz3168d ago

Your 11 year old is going to have to grow up sometime.

Plus, Heavy Rain is rated M for mature, so they shouldn't be looking at this article anyway.

player-13168d ago

Who gives a fuck is he says fuck? You say that this is an all ages gaming site, yet there are video's of characters being shot up and cars being stolen. Double standards if you ask me..

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Obama3169d ago

So when they get old, they change their names? lol

MGOelite3169d ago

games arnt 100% accurate ?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

who would have thunked it?

talltony3169d ago

"Most of us rarely fail to sit in a chair.
No old man is named Scott. We kill them all before they reach thirty five."

unknown1003169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

all i saw in heavy rain was lots of crotches and nudity.... period.

Kratos Spartan3169d ago (Edited 3169d ago )

I don't remember any crotches, maybe a little nudity. What were you paying attention to? Oh, the crotches. I get it, you're playing for the other team. Unless you're a girl.