Uncharted: Drake's Fortune Hands-on - "Adventuring gets very pretty later this year"

Tomb Raider is a huge success and this can largely be put down to a few key selling points. Yes, Lara is a woman and sports rather large appendages, but many of us grew up loving the Indiana Jones movies. While Lara certainly made the series her own, there's no denying the link. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, a PS3 exclusive from Naughty Dog, is very much in the same vein.

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boi5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

can't wait for all the AAA ps3 exclusives to come out man im waiting...The first is Heavenly Sword its all getting me excited lol thats what I brought my ps3 for...the games.... brought mine 2 months it just started :D and i weren't the 1s who kept thinking ps3 will be a dreamcast at all...because I know and you guys rememeber guys who owns a ps3 or who wants to buy 1 its SONY we are buying from...and from experience they know what they are doing

tplarkin75426d ago

I've always felt that Lara looked too stiff. They compare TR to Uncharted. Although it's cool for Nathan to have 3000 animations, I would rather see 3000 on Lara.

boi5426d ago

lol that why ps3 is getting Heavnly Sword...Nariko hehe

Maddens Raiders5426d ago

until I locate, secure, and retrieve Drake's Fortune.

weekapaugh5426d ago

"I won't be satisfied until I locate, secure, and retrieve Drake's Fortune."

i dunno, your entering some "uncharted" territory there. [wa waa waaaa]

Mr VideoGames5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

i still think you Sony FanBoys should of came over to Xbox 360 until SONY gets all there Hardware figured out in the Playstation 3 so it can show its true Potential The Games look fun but not as Good as 360... yet... until the PS3 can use everything inside of it and show what it is truly made of then thats when i will be Buying a PS3 but until then i Don't see a reason to but one yet

360Sheep5426d ago

hahahaha i think you mean when M$ gets there hardware figured out.. of course i guess there are people that enjoy returning broken hardware over, and over, and over again.. not me. I'm enjoying my system NOW with NO WORRIES, the games will come my friend, oh yes, they will come

VaeVictus5426d ago

I think that Sony has their hardware figured out as it works. If you don't think Uncharted, Killzone, Heavenly Sword and the likes don't look as good (surpass IMO)360 games you need some glasses dude.

Good news, you can save the $140 you were going to eventually spend to fix your 360 for corrective surgery...unless it is a disc eater or a disc drive failure. Then you're screwed.

razer5426d ago

not gamers.. don't waste your breath.. I wouldn't want to play with most of these dip's on Xbox Live anyway..

@4.2 - MS has put aside a billion dollars to fix it's hardware problems if you have a problem it will cost you nothing.

ChronoTrigger875426d ago

It will cost me my precious time. Time that i could have spent actually enjoying my 360. Sure MS has owned up and has guaranteed us a 3 year warranty no questions asked. But should there have been any problems to begin with? People say that the 1 year head start MS got from releasing the 360 first is the best move they could have made. i say its the worst since they could have spent that time actually perfecting there system so they wouldnt have to deal with this mess.

i tell you now, i dont own a 360. but for halo and mass effect, i sure want to. there hardware failure rate is the biggest thing holding me back from even considering the purchase. right now, im content with owning a console that i know wont break down on me.

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boi5426d ago

lol yea i do think the ps3 hardware is figured out already just need time and they got the time...and now you will see the good games for the ps3...

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