E3 2007 :"Big Surprise" for Xbox Live this October

Microsoft's representative at E3 in a press conference dedicated exclusively to details about live hinted of a major update coming this October to Xbox live. He stated that something really big would instore for October dashboard update. CheapyD, who was ...

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power of Green 5426d ago

We already know IPTV is coming so what could this update be?.

TriggerHappy5426d ago

others say, it could be the music download service.

power of Green 5426d ago

That would be great thats something XBL lacks in greatly. MS will be making other companies money but i don't care, wink wink, that would be great if what you said came true.

TriggerHappy5426d ago

others are also talking about Microsoft's plans to make Xbox live free. Which i think is absolute BS but thats is a possibility as well

Mr Murda5426d ago

If I could plug in my Zune and transfer purchased/downloaded videos (or eventually music).

Also, I'd love to see my gamertag and download history be attached to my 360, Zune, and PC. This would be huge, and I don't see why it can't happen.

M1am1U5426d ago

video content is the one thing lacking from the Zune marketplace. It would be really nice to integrate it with the 360. Good thought.

eLiNeS5426d ago

that would just ruin the service. You would get all types of creeps or modders making new accounts everyday modding getting banned and then they set up a new account. We get a lot from the Xbox live service and it only gets better, $50 a year is nothing. You get what you pay for.

eLiNeS5425d ago (Edited 5425d ago )

an integration with Microsoft Home Server that was just released to OEM yesterday.

This would be a great way to store all our music, photos, movies and games on a single server and stream it to our Xbox 360. Having a Home Server connected to our 360 would mean a huge amount (1 terabyte or more) of room to fit a whole library of movies, music and games and they could all be downloaded from the 360 or the Internet and viewed from any TV in the house that has an Xbox 360 connected or from any computer or wireless device. This way instead of renting movies on the market place you can buy them as well and store them on a M$ Home Server. That would be very cool. I have been wanting something like this for a long time, I hope this is what it could be. Then they would only need a small hard drive on the Xbox 360 for caching and the server for everything else.

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Cupid-Stunt5426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

I hope, £40 is alot for a college student lol.

I'm from the uk BTW lol... Its Newcastle (upon tyne) college.

Edit: Auron, sorry it was a bad joke. I'm no homeless guy lol. But having xbox live free would be something extra :)

OC_MurphysLaw5426d ago

I doubt it will be free....not anytime soon atleast.

I do think music download is absolutely a possibility wiht the ability to rip to your Zune or other MP3 device.

IPTV is for sure....

I also think we could see an announcement of server support for LIVE games especially if they come out with a game like a WOW.

scriptkiddie5426d ago

Dash board update so probbly not free.

Music, or maybe game rentals would be cool

Xbrainer5426d ago

game rentals would be awesome but unlikely

tplarkin75426d ago

He also mentioned the Halo 3 replays which we can record. Thankfully, we can detatch the camera and/or view from any character. This will be a fun and addicting aspect of Halo 3. It's just icing on the cake.