Burnout Paradise Crashtastic E3 Gameplay

Put the pedal to the metal and revel in the destruction you have caused!

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Cupid-Stunt5430d ago

Burnout 2 was the best but, thats when EA didnt own Burnout.

Wolfgang1875430d ago

I've never been much of a racing or car guy, but this game just looks sick.

Shaka2K65430d ago

And this is better on PS3 its not just me saying this its the devs them selfs, i have seen the vid and it looks sick thats what i call real physics unlike legos physics over at forza 2 what a flop.

aiphanes5430d ago

I have been looking for them...most of them show the 360 version.

MK_Red5430d ago

I believe mostof E3 vids are from PS3 version and they only displayed that version. (Alex Ward stated that PS3 will be the lead platform).