Little Big Planet 2 Details Coming

Ozzie Gonzalez Writes - "Little Big Planet is one of those games that stole the hearts of millions of people who have a PS3. I remember the first time I saw this game and thinking how much charm it has, and if they can nail down the customization it could be a big hit. When it came out, people started creating insane amounts of levels with an interface that was quick and easy to use. Loading up new levels and seeing what each person created is what made Little Big Planet just a blast to play and what made it stand out from everyone else. "

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N4GAddict3263d ago

I want to hear more about the RPG elements

The_Count3263d ago

We've had water and paintball guns so I hope they make ice and some sort of gravity switch to decrease gravity. For like space levels and such.

Looking Forward and got it Pre Ordered.

Miraak82 3262d ago

maybe something like magnetic metal

xabmol3263d ago

1. Melee weapons (swords)

2. Customizeable jumping mechanics/physics

shadow27973263d ago

Number 2 is directly related to the control seats. You can attach one to a Sackbot (or some kind of art that will represent the player, such as Mario) and you'll have the ability to adjust a whole bunch of settings. Obviously the gravity and animations for your character will be connected to this.

Now, you can dress a Sackbot in one of your saved outfits, so it will look exactly like Sackboy, if you wish. It's a bit of a work around, but not a difficult one. These settings also mean you can effectively recreate any classic 2D game that you wish, in theory. I still have my doubts about trying to recreate something like Sonic, but perhaps someone will have enough ingenuity to pull it off.

As for your first question, I'm not sure. I think you could do a work around with the control seats, but I'm not sure we'll get an official media molecule sword like the Paintinator is for guns.

xabmol3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

Not trying to be a jackass, but my purchase of LBP2 depends on these two things. So I would really like to know for sure that they are there!

viperman2403263d ago

They are there. You cant change the jumping physics of the sackboy (thats what I kinda know) but you can put him in a vehicle and make it jump however you want to.

Steve_03263d ago

its true. We're waiting to see exact details, but the devs assured us that although it was a bit of a work around, it was entirely supported and offered a lot of possibilites. They've specifically talked of recreating classic arcade games with entirely different controls and mechanics to Sackboy.

LordMarius3263d ago

Wow more news, Awesome!

Freak of Nature3263d ago (Edited 3263d ago )

My top 2 ( if not best overall) game this gen!

This gem (LBP2) may be my GOAT....

If anyone is interested I stumbled upon a game Bounty arms coming for PSN/XBLA that has a Oddworld/LBP vibe to it.A test demo and vid can be had,follow the link...

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