New Bioshock 2 DLC Faces New Glitches

It seems all sorts of shenanigans have been called out in relation to the new content including new glitches, nearly impossible achievements and limited access to content fairly bought. Bioshock 2 fans were so riled up by the problems with the DLC that they not only have been discussing it for days, but issued their own press release (which they sent to a long list of prominent gaming sites) outlining their frustrations.

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P_Bomb3261d ago (Edited 3261d ago )

Glad I read all the complaints b4 buying the DLC. I was looking forward to 6 new maps, but now I definitely ain't touching this!

What a gip.

As if 2K couldn't have set up exclusive DLC-only map pack rotations. COD has done 'em for years. Even Uncharted 2 has a 'DLC' matchmaking toggle! Switch it on and you only play with people that have the maps. Problem solved.

GLoRyKnoT3260d ago

Yet, for that 2 happen 2k would have 2 care! They clearly do not!