Sony’s E3 Website Teasing a New Upcoming Feature? writes:

The first thing that came to mind when Tosh saw this was this YouTube video about this Gigapan technology looks very similar to Sony's E3 Website -

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xHarvey3779d ago

That's pretty neat. Images doesn't blur when zoomed. :)

Mc Fadge3779d ago

The one's we see really close are vectors. Put a photo of yours on it and it'll blur the same as if you zoom on it normally. But yeah, pretty neat.

xHarvey3779d ago

that makes more sense lol

Mc Fadge3779d ago

Why the disagree? Unless there's some amazingly new technology out there (most likely from a crime TV show) that magically enhances image quality, I believe I'm correct

ThatArtGuy3779d ago

It looks like they're using high res images and not vectors. They say that it's based on a "tree like" structure. This way, information isn't loaded until it's called for, and can actually be used in a loop if authored that way. The image they used with the outdoor people scene definitely isn't all vectors.

Redrum0593779d ago

WTF, what can't the ps3 do??? This is freakin amazing

siyrobbo3779d ago

ive seen this sort of thing before

young juice3779d ago

the entire demonstration was done on the ps3...

young juice3779d ago


but can you design your own games???

looks at little big planet 2 trailer. damn

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HighDefinition3779d ago

You could actually make a pretty cool game out of that tech.

kunit22c3778d ago

an INSANE wheres waldo, that would be pretty cool.

Godmars2903779d ago

Given the difference between this announcement and actual implementation, have to wonder why we're just now seeing it.

JD_Shadow3779d ago

You should ask Microsoft that.

Seriously, they finally have something that they could keep secret from the backstabbing, probing press, and now we're going to bitch that they didn't reveal it sooner? C'mon!

alphakennybody3779d ago

I can't wait for them to implement this on the ps3

Raoh3779d ago

this is actually old..

but the problem is comparing sony to apple..

sony makes great ideas and products

apple implements them

in the gaming world, sony will introduce this feature, not promote it, someone else will 3 years later and get popular off of it.

Kratos Spartan3779d ago

From what I've noticed, Sony seems to take a company's innovation, and improve upon it so much that it changes the industry more than the actual innovation itself. Take the analog, Nintendo came with it first, and Sony added a second analog to their controller. BOOM! Nintendo came with Motion Control, Sony is taking it a step further with a Mo-Cap sphere combined with their Camera, improving accuracy and any other flaws the Wii Mote had. Can you follow me? Whatever they do, Sony will do it better. What's a good word for that?

ManGastaS3779d ago (Edited 3779d ago )

But this time Sony cant improve!

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