E3 07: Gears Of War PC Preview

PC gamers have had to wait a fair amount of time to experience certain marquee Xbox shooters, but Epic Games' Xbox 360-seller Gears of War at least seems to be heading over more quickly than some, and with more enticing additional content.

Gears PC will have three new multiplayer maps, a new game mode, five new single-player chapters, new Achievements, graphical improvements, and the option to play with either mouse and keyboard controls or Xbox 360 controller. There is also a small gameplay video that you can check out...

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Excalibur4139d ago

I can't believe they are screwing the 360 users with 5 new chapters.
One of the biggest complaints was that the game was too short.
I have a feeling this was planned all along.
Epic and Microsoft just lost some of my respect.

razer4139d ago

This IMO is nothing but bad news for the 360 system in general. Lots of people own PC's and even gaming PC's are getting more affordable. Why take your flagship title and put it on another platform.. This is a mistake that Sony and Nintendo don't make. But MS seems to be trying to fill it's gaming pockets as fast they can shovel money into them. I understand they are a business and that's what business's do, but this to me just screams "one less reason to buy a 360" to any potential customers.

Crazyglues4139d ago

I must say this game is Looking amazing on PC and the fact that they stepped up the graphics so you can set your computer res to 1920 X 1200 and see the amazing detail just blows me away.

I was already having enough trouble trying to build a PC to run Crysis, but now I see I need to go so far past that... looks like The 3.0GHz Core 2 Extreme QX6850: Intel's fastest consumer CPU benchmarked for me.

I now will be build a super computer just for Gaming. Now what would be really cool is if I could get a mod for the PC Case like that one that guy did for 360 - look at the pic below.

Auron4139d ago (Edited 4139d ago )

beacause now they can play one of the best games for Xbox 360 without having to buy an Xbox 360(that is if their PC rox) me tho I hate playing on computers so I bought it on 360

Firestorm4139d ago

would be nice if they made the new chapters avalible for 360 owners

Salvadore4139d ago

Hope they don't restrict the online gameplay, like they did for Halo 2 PC (Silver can only join games, but not make own games).

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