Disney Movies now on Xbox Live Marketplace

Those with children and those who never quite grew out of childhood, rejoice! You can now rent a variety of Disney animated (and not-so-animated) movies from the Xbox Live Marketplace. See site for list of titles available now:

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TheMART-sucksdick5430d ago

oh my god amazing!!!! oh wow!!!! OMFG

MoonDust5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

go wait somewhere else.

MoonDust5430d ago

Armageddon FTW.
"Cause I'm leaving on a jet plane, don't know when I'll be back again" :)

AnDy FrOm MiAmi5430d ago

Yay lets all go watch Mickey and his friends this is so awsome guys YAY!!! XD

MoonDust5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )


kewlkat0075430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

is Disney is a Hard-core Supporter of Blu-Ray, so now they are cashing in on DLC's from MS's XBL service, and of course MS, supports HD-DVD here and there....hehe

So who is the "REAL" winner here?.. "Disney and MS".
They are both "Playing" the Competition and the Competitor.

It's only a matter of time other Movie Studios jump on XBL, and PSN, if deemed a success, like "Itunes"

Maybe this format war is not all it's cracked up to due time.

On the topic of "Disney", now my favorite Disney movie have got to be "Lion King", then "Aladdin". I actually thought the game on SNES wasn't too shabby for the times hehe.(Great game and Music Score)

big_tim5430d ago

both sticking. The majority of movie watchers don't use a computer or game machine to download and watch. They just get a disc and play. I think that the download will stick and of course buying hard-copies will say also.

It was a little shocking to see Disney go to XBL. Have they offered their movies on any other download services?

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The story is too old to be commented.