Joystiq impressions: Uncharted

Joystiq reports:
"What happens when you mix one part Gears of War, one part Tomb Raider, and one part Prince of Persia? You get one potentially awesome game. We really want to like Naughty Dog's upcoming PS3 exclusive, Uncharted, but technical issues seriously hindered our enjoyment of the title."

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I guess this review was pretty fair,

I have confidence in Naughty dog To fix all there "glitches"

This game is the game is one my most anticipated games


goonerfied5430d ago

i wanna play this so bad!!! everything about this game looks so damn cool the jungle looks fantastic the gameplay looks great. just can't wait to play it.

Cupid-Stunt5430d ago

Look sexy. I Just hope it plays well

boi5430d ago

well your hope will turn to hell yea it plays great lol

but yea the reviews/previews the sites been giving it says alot about the gameplay :D

Cartesian3D5430d ago

except killzone there is no competitor for this game in term of LIGHTING , visuals and details...

I will pick this game for F'IN sure, I LOVE these kinde of games , cant wait to play this and Indiana jones :P

good luck , make it bug free.. I know its so hard with that kind of HUGE details.. but u can do it..

felidae5430d ago

if you hold the joypad inverted ....

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