White Knight Chronicles 2 might be between Sony's cards at E3

Despite a mild critical reception and quite slow sales of the first chapter of the White Knight Chornicles saga, Sony never stopped to support the game, continually updating it and even adding free weekly quests for the fans to enjoy.

This definitely seems to indicate that Sony doesn't consider the franchise a failure, and alongside the slew of news we saw in the past couple months, they seem to want to capitalize on it further.

The timing would be perfect to use White Knight Chronicles 2 as a playing card between Sony's hand at E3.

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Chadness4580d ago

I just hope Sony and/or Level 5 is faster at localizing WKC2 than they were with the first one.

Abriael4580d ago

I definitely couldn't agree more. But I do think that they learned their lesson the first time around. Or at least I hope so.

Raf1k14580d ago

Apparently they're going to include a version of WKC with the improvements they make in the second on the same disk. So it should be well worth picking up as long as they fix the problems it had.

TOO PAWNED4580d ago

LOL nah, this game wont be at Sonys press, it sucks to much to be there. First one sucked and no one cares for another sucky game. I am sure sony will spend time on great games, not bad games.

the-show-stopper4580d ago

it wasnt a bad game
it just wasnt the best game

WildArmed4579d ago (Edited 4579d ago )

It was a great game, just not the best.

Please try to understand you don't represent everyone.

There are a lot of people that still play the game and for a very good reason.

I hope it's at the conference..
just to piss off ignorant peeps =p

SKCShifty4580d ago ShowReplies(5)
Godmars2904580d ago

But does that mean there wont be more of them with different characters? Different stories?

Abriael4580d ago

Might mean that there will only be 2, or that there'll be multiple. They didn't specify. Personally I think they're going to bet everything on this second chapter. If it goes well, then there will be more. If it doesn't, then no reason to go on. Seems the wisest course of action to me.

Godmars2904580d ago

Hope that the next one, if there is one, has a more rational design.

I like the Knight and all, but the world itself doesn't generate the sense of a culture have to co-exist with giant monsters.

Redempteur4579d ago

that's because we didn't went that far ( we missed a lot of areas they only speak of in cut scenes or talk..)

BubbleSystemSuck4580d ago

WKC dissapointed me...


Weak story...

execution174580d ago

sony just needs to buy Level 5, then they'll have probably one of the best RPG game makers around

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