NPD Numbers: Final Fantasy XIII Vanishes in April

The PS3 version of Square Enix’s highly anticipated Final Fantasy XIII debuted in 3rd place back in March ( followed by the 360 version in 6th place) selling over 828k in North America. It was considered as the series’ strongest releases for the region. Four weeks later, however, FFXIII takes a sharp nose dive off the charts

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ClownBelt3262d ago

Most of the sales had been made in the first week/month. It will sell more in its lifetime like every past FFs. Nowadays, there's so much great games coming out almost every month for all the consoles, so it just make sense really.

AAACE53262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Like I said several times before... Final Fantasy games have been selling fewer and fewer titles after FF 7 was released. Actually, Jrpg's in general have been selling fewer over the past several years!

The traditional rpg is dying, and gamers are moving towards more action oriented experiences. SE tried to adapt to the changing environment, but hardcore Rpg gamers didn't like the transition.

As a matter of fact, I think FF 13 is the highest selling jrpg on a home console this gen.

It's interesting because you have to wonder if SE will stick with this formula or revert back to a more traditional style for FF 13 versus. Or if they will come up with something totally different.

I truely believe that fanboys have hurt the sales of this game in an effort to punish SE for changing the format and for going multiplat! But what they don't realize is, SE will not stop making FF games. And the not so groundbreaking sales will probably make them go multiplat with all their future games.

Nice work fanboys, you really need to think this stuff out before you act!

Silly gameAr3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Who knew fanboys had such power. Oh, and the first SE games of this gen where on the 360. I think FF13 is the first SE game to come to the PS3.

I think they had intentions of going multiplat all along, fanboys or not.

Celeras3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

They aren't selling less copies. Maybe 'less', but not significantly. The numbers just seem smaller in the casual era because of every non-gamer wannabe buying Modern Warfare 2. These people don't buy games like Final Fantasy.

facelike3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

No, you are wrong. The sales aren't good simply because the game isn't that good. Lots of "fanboy's" are really all talk, no bite. They'll say screw SE, but would buy the game if it's good. Look at MW2.

If the game was better, word of mouth would speak more positive, and more people would have bought it and continued to buy it over time. The immediate sales and sudden drop off you see is the effect of marketing and brand recognition.

If it wasn't called Final Fantasy, and the exact same game was released, the game would be considered bland with beautiful graphics by the gaming press.

WhittO3262d ago

Maybe the sales were **** because the games were **** ?

SE haven't exactly got a reputation for turning out games of high quality have they!
More of a reputation as sell-outs, not developing any rpgs for ps3 has hurt them.

Ninja-Sama3262d ago

The only reason sales were strong was because long time fans were expecting something great from the next installment of Final Fantasy on a "next-gen" console, and despite the bad press, went ahead and bought the game (ie. me.)

Fifty grueling gameplay hours later, I am for the first time regretting a Final Fantasy purchase.

bakasora3261d ago

I hope the sales keep dropping, so to show SE that they really messed this up. Buckle up SE!

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SuperStrokey11233262d ago

Well it had a decent opening. I dont expect it to hit the levels of previous FF games though. I just dont see it as having the same staying power as the word of mouth is very negative.

thelifatree3262d ago

The games that got good reviews but bad word of mouth were FF's such as FFIX and FFXII which got around 5 million in sales. FFXIII is around 4+ million in sales. So I think it'll perform around those levels.

Though I love all 3 games... I won't downplay the negativity FFXIII is getting. N4G is extremely negative towards FFXIII for some reason, much more so than anywhere else I've been.

Nathan Drake23262d ago

i think it will reach 5 million on both platform combinated eventually

tplarkin73262d ago

Bad games deserve bad sales.

tplarkin73262d ago

According to the article, Japan's sales of the FF series declined after FF8.

FF8 in Japan sold 3.5 million
FF13 in Japan sold 1.8 million

Less sales = bad sales

It's even worse when you consider FF8 was on one console, and FF13 has 2 consoles.

Lucreto3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

Well Mass Effect 2 only got 1.6 million on 360 and PC.

Do you consider that a bad game?

I don't.

thelifatree3262d ago

I was being sarchastic but failed... sorry D:!

not targeted at lucreto, But I have 3 favs this gen FFXIII, Dead Space, ME2 they're my favorite games this gen :D by a whole hellofalot.

Lucreto3262d ago (Edited 3262d ago )

My sincere apologies I was talking to tplarkin7 . My favourite game this gen is FF XIII. I can't get enough of the game. I played it for 113 hours. I am not a fan of Bioware but I give credit when it is due.

tplarkin73262d ago

You guys realize that FFXIII is hardly different than FFI.

STONEY43262d ago

Have you even played it? If you mean by gameplay, this is the most different FF of all of them. By graphics, this has some of the best graphics on any consoles. The game has a really clean, sharp look to it, and the scenery in certain places are gorgeous, it really gives you a fantasy feel.

BubbleSystemSuck3262d ago

Oh noooo!!!!

And so what?

The world still spinning.

Every people with FFXIII in theirs Home, don care about this..

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