Pachter: E3 Was A 'Terrible Disappointment'

While Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter had previously said that imminent price wars was to be the "key takeaway" from this year's E3, with the show now over, Pachter more glumly has said "the key takeaway from this year's E3 was that the ESA made a mistake in downsizing the show."

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kewlkat0075426d ago (Edited 5426d ago )

Now who's Idea was it to take away "Hot Both Babes" only to replace them with properly dressed decent looking reporters?

As a whole, nothing at E3 2007 really blew me away.

Too much I already knew. So my Expectations were not as high. Just new videos. Some were good, some great and some like, yeah, yeah, release the game already.

The old E3 used to be the "OSCARS" of gaming Expos, now more like Screen Actors Guild Awards.

ChickeyCantor5426d ago

but wasn't E3 announced dead a time ago?
as in it wont be done anymore? i'm confused that there was a E3 this year....

The Swordsman5426d ago

This year's E3 just lacked that feeling of scale that the past E3 conventions had. Not just do the smaller, independent companies lose out, the businesses near the convention, which would all have been making huge profits thanks to the incredible amount of gamers that visited the area during past conventions, would make very little now.

co_ray5426d ago

Who listens to analysts? I hate them..oh yeah 360 price cut? nope, Pachter wrong again...analysts should just shut up..E3 was fine with me..i got the game info i wanted, and watched it all on

binard3285426d ago

I don't know why people actually believe this guy. I'm sure he's had some credit in the past, but now, why bother even posting this news.

Cupid-Stunt5426d ago

There were no huge suprises, i was hoping for eight days, test drive unlimited 2, 2 days to vegas. Moore trying to play guiter was funny, then he paused the game lol. Hopefully TGS will bring some greatness lol.

felidae5426d ago

i don't like this pachter guy...

ArduousAndy5426d ago

there was nothing wrong with this years E3. We got to see the games the companies were pushing. Thats it. The only thing that has changed is scale and the idiots that were always getting in are no longer there.

Do you really need people from all over gamestop and Ebgames going? No what you need are people there with the games the reports there to report on the games and thats it.

Less people = shorter lines = more in depth hands on.

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The story is too old to be commented.