XBMC Running On PS3

Haxnetwork user madshaun1984 has managed to successfully run XBMC on the PS3. madshaun1984 has wanted to have XMBC Media Center running on his PS3 for several months, but as XBMC needs to have 3D support, this was never possible, however over the past couple of days he decided to compile the CellSDK and compile drivers in order to try and get XBMC running.

More details at the link.

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Godmars2903790d ago

When hardly anyone will be able to use it.

I also suspect that Sony will have something that will be equal or better. Even if you have to pay for it.

GregoryRasputin3790d ago

Sony will never have equal or better, XBMC is the ultimate media center.
Also give it time and youll be able to use it just as good as you do on a MPC or Xbox.

SuperStrokey11233790d ago

Im not overly well versed with xmbc but isnt it just a media extender program? If so we already have ps3 media server which plays almost anything right now.

I dont see why you say no one will be able to use this as well. It didnt say that you NEEDED linux (unless its in the vid and i did watch that so please let me know if it does), but rather that if you wanted to help you needed linux. I think the end goal is to have it so that its much easier to use and more like a media extender. That being said I did not watch the video and I have never used xmbc nor am i overly well versed in it so Im im wrong im sorry.

Godmars2903790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

Saying that no one will be able to use this particular media server because its only accessible though other OS.

Not that I've ever used it, like I have no idea how good it is.

You mean hackers don't routinely buy the latest tech, which happens to be expensive, to keep on the bleeding edge?

SKCShifty3790d ago ShowReplies(2)
BYE3790d ago

Now it's only a matter of time until xbox live is accessable with the PS3 ;)

Hotel_Moscow3789d ago

yeah like i will give up psn to pay for xbl

Dellis3790d ago

hackers are slackers with money

Godmars2903790d ago

Which is likely why they use $3000+ rigs to crack $300 consoles?


¿3000 for a rig?

Lol, that's old stereotype.

waltercross3790d ago

You shouldn't bash hackers, many companies employ hackers to help make there Hardware/Software hack proof.

BubbleSystemSuck3790d ago (Edited 3790d ago )

but if hackers dont exist... companies not need to employ hackers to make Hardware/Software hack proof

catguykyou3790d ago

Which came first, the hacker or the security?

waltercross3790d ago

You forget we are Human, this is the Internet, there are computers, cannot have Computers without hackers, only in a perfect world.

GregoryRasputin3790d ago

For the guys leaving dumb messages here, at least read the original thread :/
It explains why its slow, or why its difficult to run on the PS3.
Also madshaun1984 isn't a hacker >.<

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The story is too old to be commented.