Blu-ray Association hits back at HD DVD sales claims

HD DVD figures fail to include the European PC drive sales or Sony's PlayStation 3 console.

According to the BDA European Promotions Committee including these would mean that Blu-ray Disc accounts for almost 95% of all next generation hardware sales in Europe this year.

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Bill Gates5430d ago

HD-DVD & M$ = Tisk tisk, you liears...HAHHAHA

cuco335430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

1. how is this related to gaming?

2. gates, what are you... 14? grow up dude. your comments, along with many others show the immaturity fanboyism on this site. common knowledge, ms isn't hd dvd; if hd dvd fails, if hd dvd fails the 360 still moves on unlike ps3 if BR fails the ps3 shares similar fate. not saying BR or ps3 will fail but they are tied together unlike the 360. so again, how is it that we constantly see the d*ckriding scrotumsucking posts where hd dvd = ms? how?!

there ya have it...! cheers to all fanboys taking my bubbles and disagreeing with me ;)
is ps3 only BR drive? is ms only dvd9 drive? is ms's hd dvd addon an... add on?

@1.5 - exactly how am i losing my arguement? isn't this news4GAMERS?! how come no one preached ps2 & xbox1 was so great for playing dvds? oh thats right... because BR is superior to all. let me strengthen my argument. there are those (most) who buy ps3 for gaming and those (some) that buy it for movies. so what'll happen to BR for movies when gaming is abundant and the ps3s get used specifically for gaming, especially with hd dvd stand alone players outselling BR stand alone players? do some research, my view is backed up with fact. BR movie sales soared when ps3 was launched, why? because of lack of games. and every time a good game, even if it were a port, BR sales dropped. so since most buy a ps3 for gaming, whats to happen to BR movie sales when gaming is all abundant? would people drop $60 on a great game that can occupy them for hours on end especially online? or would they drop $25-40 on a BR title that can occupy them for 2 hrs tops? maybe BOTH will succeed but it's evident that ps3 viewed as a player only isn't smart and reason why analysts are more than willing to negate it from the statistics. my choice would be to keep it in there as it can help and hurt the numbers. see, thats what statistics is, a means for marketing and management to spin the numbers towards their benefit. it'll give u a conclusion that u are #1 and likewise it can give u a conclusion that u are suffering drastically

@1.6 - and it'll be a great upconverting dvd player, but isn't it what all the brand loyalists on here preaching BR as if it were mecca of all HD movies? it was born for PC, and should have stayed on PC in my book but i'm not bashing it for making it a standard in the ps3. but can't knock it for having the disk space, it could be used within the next 10 yrs that the ps3 is being designed for right? but say BR movies were to die the format war, not saying it won't but say it did... then ps3 would be just gaming and dvd player, just like 360, just like last gen and if it were still more expensive and still not selling as well... it'ld end this generation where it is now, in 3rd place.

Huddymonster5430d ago

Cuco you idiot. Look what you just wrote. You first asked is this gaming news? Then you proved why it is gaming news because you said the blu-ray and the ps3 will fail or thrive together. LOL next time read what you write or be smart enough to understand what you are typing.

Also if you state the blu-ray and the ps3 are linked then I like my chances because blu-ray is in a great position and if they do win and they succeed together then it really will fly by the 360 sales figures.

Thanks for playing Cuco

cdzie15430d ago

They launched the BD 300 $100 less than they wanted. They copied Toshiba and started a 5 free movie promotion. The dropped the PS3 price. Why? Because they are walking away with this thing? Blu-ray knows that HD DVD is a real contender and they are doing all they can to compete (HD DVD has 70% standalone sales in the US & 74% standalone sales in Europe). Even Warner Bros chimed in saying it like HD DVD’s strategy better.

Even a top Sony exec was recently quoted as saying HD DVD would be dead in months! This buffoon was lambasted on all of the high def message boards and is a real embarrassment to Sony. Thankfully, Microsoft’s Peter Moore took the high road and responded by saying he’s seen the latest sales numbers and he’ll see this guy at CES next year!

Wait, does Sony know if they actually lowered the price on PS3 yet? Half the company thinks so, the other half doesn’t. To top it off, the Blu-ray interactive spec isn’t even done yet! Things are a mess in Blu-ray camp! Half completed technology, executives blabbering nonsense, pretend price cuts, a complete copy of Toshiba’s successful promotion…

This is a company in chaos..

Huddymonster5430d ago

I like the part where you said 74% Europe and 70% US for standalone players. Which is correct...oh wait you forgot all those ps3 and pc drives sold. Whats that.. you say people use those for games? So your telling me that blu-ray has sold more movies than hd dvd just purely on the stand alone players. Or IS THE REAL TRUTH that people bought the ps3 knowing they would use it to play blu-ray movies as well.

Also I like how you quoted Peter Moore whose job is to spin anything in favor or Microsoft which supports HD Dvd with its standalone player.

Finally all this chaos you talk about is you taking seperate incidents and putting thm together to make it sound like the apocalypse. I Can do it too.... OMG HD DVD is in CHAOS THEY DROPPED THE PRICE OF THE HD DVD PLAYER TO 200 DOLLARS NAD HAD A PROMOTION WHICH SOLD THEM AT 100 DOLLARS. ALSO THEY HAVE TO THROW UP SALES FIGURES WHICH DONT INCLUDE THE MILLION OF PS3 SALES OUT THERE.

Its fun to play story time.

ArduousAndy5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

cdziel is technically correct since he is saying STANDALONE players. PS3 and pc drives do not count since technically they are not stand alones. True they should count when they announce blu-ray players. But then we have to go and count anything and everything on both sides that play HD-DVD and Blu-ray. If you want to go into semantics.

Technically then disc format in all its forms have lost the format war and Digital download has once. Since for this to play out we can count every single computer or anything and everything that does digital downloads.

However since the numbers are just for stand alones PS3 does not count. Neither do the pc drives (for blu-ray and HD) as well as the HD-dvd drive for the 360.

I will not argue saying that chances are there are people that bught a ps3 as a stand alone since at the time it was cheaper. But the fact is that since it also plays games no matter what the intentions are for purchase the PS3 is a game system first a Blu-ray player second.

As far as Blu-ray disc says yes I truly believe the PS3 did make a HUGE spike in disc sales.

My brother right now has more blu-ray movies then actual PS3 games. So there you go.

True Peter Moore's job is to Spin. So was the guy at sony that stated Hd-dvd will be dead in a couple of months. However Moore whose company does not have as big a stake in Hd-dvd can easily say at the same time "pretty much ya its going the way of the Dodo in a few months thats why we are working a blu-ray player)
The Sony guy needs to say that on Blu-ray since sony has a huge stake.

Will Hd-dvd die in a few months lets just wait and see.

I personally think that the deal that Blu-ray is having is in reference to the sales on Stand alones.

Sure blu-ray may have the most disc sales but if its only because the only system that is actually selling is a game system. It may cheapen the actual product. Look at UMD's they sell movies and are portable. Why has anyone not decided "lets make a UMD player that is not PSP."

Someone posted that Blu-ray is in trouble with all the sales they are having.

I think what is going on is what I stated above. Blu-ray player sales are down (exception on PS3) so they are doing what they can to sell systems.

OR MAYBE (i know this may contradict but this is also a possibilty i see happening)

Blu-ray IS completely and totally dominating on all fronts and are doing a HUGE push (price cut 5 free dics) to finally blow HD out of the water.

Again its a wait and see deal.

Me personally I have an Hd-dvd add on I got a ton of Hd-dvd Movies and my brother again has the ps3 with a ton of blu-ray movies.

So frankly I dont care who wins. But if I was to root for someone it would be HD just so I can say in your face to my brother.

Also CUCO ya dude way to lose your own argument.

Vip3r5430d ago

I love how all 360 fanboys think that the PS3 can only play blu-rays. If for whatever reason that BD did fail the PS3 could just as easily use DVDs like the 360.

coolmatrix5430d ago

In the latest high-def bundle deal to hit retail, the big box discount chain is giving away two Blu-ray discs to consumers who buy Sony's BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player at a new low price.

Combined with the BDA's recently announced "Five Discs Free" promo, that's a total seven free Blu-rays for lucky Wal-Mart shoppers.

Wal-Mart is offering this promotion to customers online at and in its stores nationwide. The company says the offer is limited and only good while supplies last.

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Odion5430d ago

except that they proved that its a very small minority of people who use their PS3 for Blue ray playing.

Also if people want to add in computers Toshiba would rock the hellout of those numbers.

But the most important sale is a stand alone

Marceles5430d ago

Dude, barely anyone is buying stand alone HD players so what do you think people are using to view all of their movies?

TheMART-sucksdick5430d ago

hahahaha you should be.... HD DVD will be dead soon, a lawsuit against MS.... hahahaha it will happen... you will be owned hahahahaha sorry... I will still play my 360... But i will always hate Microsoft.

Snake_Doctor5430d ago

"Counting only standalone players is like MS saying they have cornered the MP3 market excluding ones that start with the letter 'i'.

Toshiba: Suckers, your PS3 BR playing device does not stand alone in its definable box therefore it doesn't exist

anyway if you counted that only 10% used PS3 as a BR player you would still have a substantial lead in hardware.

MrSwede5430d ago

Good reminder drtysouf21! Props to you for existing on this site.

BaMYouRDeaD5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

There's one problem with your post Odion. I took part in the survey that you are referring to. The question was: What is the main reason you bought a PS3?. Obviously, the majority answered saying for games. The question was not: Do you use your PS3 for Blu-ray movies. Most of the people I know that have a PS3 have purchased at least 2 Blu-ray movies for it. I myself have 6 movies that I bought, not including the free copy of Talladega Nights that came with my PS3.


Thanks for the bubble guys! (:

Vip3r5430d ago

How do you know how many people are using the PS3 as a dedicated BD player? I guess it's your fanboyism taking over.

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The Swordsman5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

With this article showing that Blu-ray is the (appearantly)preferred choice for High-Definition viewing, what are the chances of Microsoft releasing a Blu-ray add-on for the Xbox 360 in the next twelve months?

Jeremy Gerard5430d ago

gunna happen, M$ could care less about this whole format war, they are into the whole downloadable content thing, and i agree it is the future not bluray or HD DVD. I dont care about that format war either, but i do know HD DVD sells more players than bluray; only if you add the ps3 does this change, so there are plenty of hddvd players out there, that format aint going nowhere, its just too large of a market to ignore, they will both survive in the end, dont fall for Sonys hype, hddvd is not going to die, besides, it has superior picture quality on average so the AV geeks will always buy it, even when the dual format players takeover.

Kleptic5430d ago

there was talk about that...that if HD DVD completely died before the end of the 360's life cycle...and if there was a demand for it...they were capable of it...

its unlikely though...simply because of how unlikely it is that HD DVD will completely go away by then...

Its been illustrated on several levels that MS is much more indifferent on the format war than people in their camp want them to be...they just stick to "not forcing it on gamers"...and that is it...other than that it seems they really couldn't care less...

PS360WII5430d ago

HD DVD Promotion Group announced that Toshiba has taken a leading share of the European market for standalone high definition players.

That's right standalone high definition players. PC and PS3 are not standalone players now are they.

Marceles5430d ago

Same strategy that happened with the DVD...PS2 brings out a cheaper DVD option than the stand alone, everyone buys a PS2 with DVD movies, stand alone prices go down more than PS2 price, everyone buys stand alone, DVD format owns

trueltie55430d ago

Why is this even a discussion ? Blu-ray is obviously going to be the clear choice of high def. HD-dvd is going to obsolete. You know whats funny...I seen some clown come in the other day telling his parents that he needs to buy an hd-dvd player for his 360....I wanted to tell him that HD-dvd and the 360 will be dead soon...Oops im sorry most 360's are already dead. I swear some of these people users live in caves and are behind in this world...

cuco335430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

that continue to misinform the public with your obvious brand loyalty...
i dont care who wins but its obvious that both formats have their advantages... sadly it's the ps3 fans that work are these retail stores preach to customers superiority... kinda reminds me of when i walked into a honda dealer and the young salesman was boasting about how great hondas were in terms of power and speed and albeit true IF MODDED, hondas (non si & type r) are slow as balls.

EDIT: huddy, i recently went to an audiophile/videophile type of store specifically only the best of the best in audio and video components and products. they dont sell nor preach gaming and i asked a few of the guys as it was a slow day for them which they feel is the better format. they agreed that hd dvd might not win the format simply for the fact that ps3 is the biggest ace up BR's sleeve (its the best player, best pick, etc simply stating the firmware upgrades is huge) but as far as which they would pick it was the newer hd dvd stand alones SLIGHTLY because of the upgradability of the systems, they highly praised the ps3 for what hd dvd players can do. they mentioned they sell more hd dvd players than br stand alones and a lot of guys who are gamers own a ps3 and went out and bought stand alone hd dvd player. they also stated that for the regular consumer, they wont buy the components needed for superior audio or video playback so any technical advantages in any player of any format won't even be recognized by the consumer aside from a spec that is preached, but not understood. they hate sites like these, where fanboys preach misinformation of dieing formats. they said both have advantages and both have disadvantages. they also agreed that the format war won't be over for a long long time, saying one is a dieing format is clearly fanboyism... these guys aren't fanboys... if they think a product is crap they wont sell it nor will they allow their customers to buy it at their store. mind u they carry both format players. if they think something is really great, they'll preach it as is. very informative professionals, not someone who makes minimum wage at best buy or circuit city. they also mentioned that a big advantage is the studio support that is clearly in favor for BR camp, that could also be another winner.

let's also face facts as i can easily prove BR movie sales were superior due to the ps3 not having games. look at the charts, when ps3 was released the movie sales soared, once games started to come out and the initial buzz was over, movie sales slowed down. thus far since launch, ps3's lack of games helps BR's movie sales and when games are launched, the movie sales drop. stand alone players only play movies. the format war is FAR from over. we'll see whn ps3 has an abundance of games and how many seld proclaimed 'movie buffs' really buy BR movies when they have a great selection of gaming.

Huddymonster5430d ago (Edited 5430d ago )

He stating that the kid should not buy the hd dvd player because its a dying format not because blu-ray is a superior format. Lets get this right ok? Blu-ray has only one major advantage as far as technology and that is the space on the disc. However seeing that is is leading in overall players and studio support, it should be the format to support because no one wants to a buy a technology for a soon to be dead format.

Sorry Cuco having a guys opinion doesnt shape a format war. Sales and money does. Right now Blu-Ray has the numbers and the only way hd dvd can have good news is if they ignore the ps3. I think both formats are very similar and a nod can be given either way but with the blu-ray having more space, more players out, and more studio support its only a matter of time.

cuco335430d ago

then yes BR has more players and not everyone who owns a ps3 uses it for BR but stand alones it's clear the movie buff and tech geeky consumers want hd dvd as stand alone hd dvd wins.

regardless, by the time either format wins, downloadable content will be here as a norm and i'll bet dvd still outsells by a huge margin. most are waiting until a format wins to decide, i for one am in that camp waiting for a standard.

anyone who preaches format war is over is sadly mistaken. think about it, if ps3s are a dominant player figure in the BR sales, then why looking at stand alone player sales it clearly shows time and time again is favored by hd dvd? main reason why CC, BestBuy, blockbuster, etc picked BR is they sell ps3, ps2/ps1 made them ton of money and likewise would like to continue the trend with added high def movie format sales. i think it's dumb, they should be neutral and offer both formats. some studios think the same as they are multiformat

studio support can sway to whomever wins because it is money and it is business... main reason why BR camp won as much support as it has was because of the encryption and security features BR offered, which is done with now since both hd dvd and BR has been cracked. fortunately for studio supporters the cost of burners & disks as well as disk space of high def movies won't affect piracy issues like in dvd movies.

agree or disagree all u want, but until movie sales AND stand alone players BOTH outsell the other, this war is far from over. thusfar the movie sales favor BR, and the stand alone players favor HD DVD. HD DVD didn't have the greatest selection of movies this past quarter, they had more craptastic releases over BR. this quarter it could change, we won't know... only time will tell. dont forget that combined hd dvd and BR only make less than 5% of overall movie sales... dvd still dominates.

Marceles5430d ago

If a non-stand alone hardware's sales are outselling a stand alone AND a non-stand alone hardware sales combined, then this article shouldn't have even been made. Even the fact that Sony sales any stand alone blu-ray players hurts HD-DVD even more. We can talk about hardware and software, since the format IS software sales..blu-ray is a monster, then add that to how many blu-ray players are in people's homes...forget stand alone. At least HD DVD is trying to see a positive out of all of this...but it's not much to save them.

Valik215430d ago

Why is so difficult for you to understand that who buys a ps3 CAN ALSO watch movies with?. It's a gaming machine and i will buy it for games first, but these doesn't exclude the possibility to own it also as a BR player. If i buy a PS3 and i know it's also one of the best BR players, i will not spend after this another 400-600 for a BR stand-alone, it's foolish. I will use my ps3 as a BR player without spending anymore, like you want. And i'm sure that like 80% of the ps3 owners use it also like a BR player and don't buy beacouse of this another stand-alone, so it's normal to have more hd-dvd stand alone players than BR stand alone players, it's becouse of the PS3 factor, remember it.

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