Wal-Mart Offers New Blu-ray Promotion

In the latest high-def bundle deal to hit retail, the big box discount chain is giving away two Blu-ray discs to consumers who buy Sony's BDP-S300 Blu-ray Player at a new low price.

Combined with the BDA's recently announced "Five Discs Free" promo, that's a total seven free Blu-rays for lucky Wal-Mart shoppers.

Wal-Mart is offering this promotion to customers online at and in its stores nationwide. The company says the offer is limited and only good while supplies last.

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coolmatrix5419d ago

Now consumers...STOP beating a dead horse.

HD-DVD is now officially dead.

STOP SPENDING good money on HD-DVD and INVEST it on BluRay.

XxZxX5419d ago

ooh deal another BD backer...
Universal I'm waiting for your call.

cdzie15419d ago

The dominos will start to fall in HD DVD’s favor starting next month:

A) Xbox price cut = lower PS3 sales = less Blu-ray owners
B) Xbox price cut = more Xbox owners = more HD DVD add on sales
C) Halo 3 = more Xbox owners = more HD DVD add on sales
D) Another Toshiba HD DVD price cut is very likely
E) Back to school = Toshiba Laptop sales = more HD DVD owners
F) November = New Blu-ray spec = obsolete players (not PS3) = frustrated owners
G) July 31st = movie ‘300’ = better version on HD DVD
H) More PS3 Games = Less Blu-ray purchases

And possibly even better news for HD DVD (highly rumored):

A) Xbox 360 HD DVD drive price cut expected
B) Possible $99 player introduced
C) Star Trek a timed HD DVD exclusive
D) Harry Potter a timed HD DVD exclusive

This holiday season will determine everything and HD DVD is in the driver’s seat.

Primetimebt5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

The XBOX doesn't come with the HD, and from what I hear the HD DVD add on hasn't been selling that well since blockbuster announced they're blu ray only. Game over.

Strange5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

A is a very minor factor, IF a factor at all
B doesn't make any sense as Xbox doesn't come with HD DVD and very few people even buy them
C Same as B
D Equally likely from Blu-ray camp. HD DVD are cheaper but still sell more badly
E I can say the same for Vaio Computers. No sense here. Plus not too many students will buy those models anyway.
F That makes no impact on sales
G how about more movies on Blu Ray? Where did all the other good movies go? You act like 300 is the only Blockbuster movie recently.
H That makes no sense at all, you're dumb

Part 2
A Still, most won't buy it
B That is totally BS
C It's timed, ain't helping them that only Universal is exclusive
D Same as C
To top it off, Part 2 is RUMORED

Wake up. Each day only looks grimmer for HD DVD. Hyptonizing yourself that they will succeed in winning this format war isn't helping the situation.

Blankman5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

Common man don't be such a fanboy. Surely you can see hd-dvd cannot win this war. The best they can hope for is to peacefully co exist with blu ray. They can slash their prices all they wont but they will be losing far too much money and not that many ppl are buyin hi def devices to warrant a profit in hd-dvd movie sales. A 99 dollar price cut would be suicide for them because they will jst end up with many sold hd-dvd titles and little movie sales. HD-DVD have been dropping their prices like crazy and they are still behind blu ray. I mean this has nothing to do with ps3 vs xbox so why would you deceive yourself into thinking such rubbish.

If it is really msofts number 1 sellin accessory they should have tossed it into their xbox and made it internal and maybe HD-DVD would have had more of a chance. Unfortunately they didnt and sony did. They came out late and ps3 was vital for their win over hd-dvd and guess what they took the risk and it paid off.

cdzie15419d ago

I disagree with your disagreements!

A) Without PS3, Blu-ray is already obsolete
B) The xbox drive is selling well (MS #1 selling accessory)
C) Same as B
D) HD DVD can go much lower than Blu-ray
E) Toshiba sell 10 million laptops a year. Sony Vaio sells only a fraction.
F) Bad press for Blu-ray
G) This is the summer High-def blockbuster. Better on HD DVD
H) Warner Bros home entertainment VP thinks this is true

Strange5419d ago (Edited 5419d ago )

A: How does an Xbox price cut affect PS3 sales? that is really funny
B: IF and ONLY IF it is selling well, why doesn't it seem to be any factor in this format war?
C: Same as B, you're jumping way too fast to conclusions
D: How so? is there any one thing that makes the Blu-ray so much more expensive than the HD DVD? the answer is NO. Their parts are largely the same/similar, so costs are similar.
E: Really, so how many of those are actually HD DVD?
F: I DOUBT that is going to decrease sales, if not increase them.
G: lol, wait till the other blockbusters come up this fall, oh wait, blockbuster"S" have already been launching since a couple of months ago from the blu ray camp
H: then he also makes no fuc*ing sense. those two sales figures shouldn't be even correlated.

Why are HD DVDs so cheap and Blu ray so expensive?
This is because HD DVD is forced into going into a price war against Blu ray, and Blu ray, having their market sufficiently healthy, does not even have to worry about the pricing. All they have to do is slowly lower the prices to maximize the profits.
One side is doing cut-throat price cuts while the other is laying back maximizing profits. Which side is more desparate? go figure.

XxZxX5419d ago

all your dominos will be true if and only if XBOX 360 included HD-DVD as the primary drive and Blu-ray is gonna stay till and don't keep up with the price cut.

junk565413d ago

dominoes? right now after the ps3 price drop its sold out everywhere. so im assuming the dominoes have already fallen, in favor of blu ray.

i dont understand your logic, i just feel bad for you when HD DVD becomes obsolete and you're just trying to find excuses why it wont be.


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Anything but Cute5419d ago

what is your obsession with HD DVD? Everything you look at is completey one sided and under the impression that Blu Ray is just gonna sit back and watch.

cdzie15419d ago

HD DVD has a larger market share in high-def movies than PS3 has in video games. For those that say HD DVD is dead, then you must really believe that PS3 is dead, given that it’s performing worse in its market.

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