Joystiq impressions: Fable 2 'Combat Testbed'

Peter Molyneux describes Fable 2's combat as "kind of a little bit mad." It's just one blue button; a system that doesn't punish casual gamers (button-mashers), but still satisfies hardcore players. The number of experience points earned in any given skirmish is determined by how skillfully one uses the X-button. Timed button presses, including counters, are worth more than mashing, while incorporating blocking and charge attacks (both accomplished by holding X) will net you even more points to build your hero. The attack button is also context sensitive, as you'll automatically pick up and toss items strewn about the ground if your foes are at a distance, or you'll grab an enemy and shove him into a wall if you're battling in close quarters.

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Double-Edged5420d ago

cuz Mass Effect has already stolen my heart.

tplarkin75420d ago

The combat looks promising. Molyneux doesn't like to make games frustrating which is the exact opposite of Itagaki (Team Ninja). Kameo had a very deep combat system that rewarded hardcore players, yet let anyone with fingers plow through with ease. Many people criticised it for being too easy, but they didn't try to get "A" rankings.

BoneMagnus5420d ago

His goal was to make it accessible for button-mashers, but allow for complexity and cool moves for the hardcore. Kinda sounds like what the Too Human developers have said about their game.

Anyway, it looked good. The trouble with context sensitive buttons is them not doing what you expect them to do at times. I encountered this a few times playing Gears with the cover system. Most of the time it worked great, but there were times I wanted to scale a wall and went into cover and vise versa.

power of Green 5420d ago

Looks like this could be huge with alittle fine tuning and smo0thing out.

Salvadore5420d ago

The one button combat system has really impressed. First I thought that having different action on one button whille cause alot of problems, but after reading this impression, I am totally impressed.

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