Two new PSN games uncovered

The first of these two games is Elefunk. An original puzzle based game that will play in much the same way as Lemmings. Snakeball is the second new game heading to the PSN. And, depending on its release, could be the first PlayStation 3 game to use the PlayStation Eye to map your face onto the in-game characters.

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R0l34932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

Nice! but we know about Snakeball.

timmyp534932d ago

elephants/lumines.. could be kool... lumines music rocks!

EZCheez4932d ago

It doesn't involve controlling a little space ship that flies around and shoots stuff, then I'm all about it. The only shooter that will take me away from SSHD is SSHD2, if it ever comes out!

Does anyone here actually like Nucleus? I only played the starter pack so I'm wondering if the rest of the game was as dull as the first.

Siesser4932d ago

I too didn't enjoy Nucleus; deleted the demo after my first play through. Everyday Shooter though, will undoubtedly take the reins from SSHD for me.

Arkham4932d ago

I know what I'm going to map onto my Snakeball snake. (And it's not going to be my face.)

Marceles4932d ago

Nucleus is ok...but I wouldn't pay 10 bucks for it. SSHD is still the best of them all. I'm wondering if Everyday Shooter will be better but for now I'm holding off on buying the little-spaceship-that-blows-st uff-up games.

zoibie4932d ago (Edited 4932d ago )

I agree, nucleus isn't bad and the only reason i have it is through game-sharing. The whole left-stick-move-right-stick-sh oot genre has been done to death on PSN and i don't really expect everyday shooter to be any different (having not played the original)

Snakeball has been announced for a while now and it looks quite good from the gameplay i have seen.