Fable III Packshot released

E4G: Microsoft has released early this morning the packshots for the upcoming game that they are publishing Fable III. The packshot showcases an unknown figure holding a crown, who knows what story that means in the game.The game is being developed by LionHead Studios.

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dardinkay3263d ago

Uh, was that meant to be sarcastic? lol

Inside_out3263d ago

Fable is a day one buy around my household...It will also be Natal friendly so I'm expecting ALOT...

dardinkay3263d ago

Yep, can't wait to see what Natal does to the game.

Convas3263d ago

No, I meant the boxart is aesthetically pleasing. Sheesh, everyone's a critic ...

mjolliffe3263d ago

LOL! Yeah it's very nice. No different from the others though...

dardinkay3263d ago

Was making sure, I was very tired this morning, don't critic me! :P

Blackcanary3263d ago

Since when could you get this game for windows?