7 Minutes of Red Dead Redemption Gameplay!

Here are 7 minutes of brand new red dead redemption gameplay !

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Dave13515087d ago

I wonder if this will be any good, im not a big fan of western games. Ill probly rent it to see it i like it first

toaster5087d ago

Wait.. what western games? There are like... 3 of them, lol.

Western is a nice change of scenery from the modern, urban, and jungle that a lot of games are using this gen.

Mr_Showtime15087d ago

Totally agree with toaster. western games are a relatively unexplored area, mainly because of the fact so many people like Dave1351 are more caught up in stereotypical Urban settings or else the Middle East. I'm so glad Rockstar decided to take this direction with the game, feels like a breath of fresh air.

Rainstorm815087d ago

Oregon Trail, Sunset Riders, Red Dead Revolver, Call of Juarez, and GUN....Is all that comes to mind when it comes to western games.

I feel good about Red Dead Redemption as it looks to trump every western game before it.

Krugsy5087d ago

My thoughts also. All these people who are decrying western games don't really have too much to compare it to. Its taken years of FPS to build up a repertoire of games to compare one to another. If they said they didn't like the western genre in general (like movies/games/books etc) then that would make some small bit of sense as there definitely is a list of genre conventions or cliches' belonging to the Western that some people may not find attractive.

nveenio5087d ago

I agree. I love the idea of an old-west game. I think the reason they never caught on is because the technology didn't support enough "stuff" before now. In the old west, there really wasn't much to see--unlike an urban environment, where everything seems extra busy. But it looks like R* has really worked at making sure there's lots to do here. I hope they pulled it off.

Dave13515087d ago

Ever heard of call of juarez? that game wasnt very good. But im a fan of anything made by rockstar

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Inside_out5087d ago

Yeah...the single player with all the "howdy partner" and "darn tooting" cowboy vernacular could cause some brain bleeding after a while...like after 30 mins...The multi-player looks really good...not sure how the ole west guns handle but it could be worth it by itself....NOT the best clip....May rent or just wait till price gets to $30 or so....There are some great vids out, but they are put together so not really game play vids...

Trey_4_life5086d ago

This will be my horse after 2 hours of me going on a shooting spree around local towns.....


toaster5087d ago

Ok well maybe 3 was an exaggeration. But compared to the countless number of games that use city and jungle the Wild West is different. And There are few western open-world games where you are free to move from one mission to another. GUN did that and gave the player a sense of freedom to go wherever you want to, do whatever you want and to, shoot whatever you want.

Oh.. and Oregon Trail is not what that people think of when they hear Wild West. The gunslinging ranger that roams the plains in search of justice or the outlaw that defies the law and rides into the sunset with a beautiful damsel in distress. NOT Oregon Trail.. lol.

nveenio5087d ago

Agreed. Oregon Trail is NOT a western game, simply for the fact that there was no "West" until the Oregon Trail was run and the west was settled.

If anything, the Oregon Trail is a prequel to the Wild West.

himdeel5087d ago

...but I am looking forward to just getting on my horse and heading out into the wilderness to see what I can see. I'll probably spend a lot of time doing nothing in particular but exploring the west and hunting. Still VERY excited and should've taken the day off like I did when GOW3 dropped but waited too late to put in my request :(

iceman065086d ago

I have a tendency to do that with ALL of my open world games. Sometimes even before I touch any specific goals I will just walk, drive, fly, or whatever method of ambulation is supplied and explore the world. I love to see the little details and the interaction of NPC's in the world. GTA was always great for this, so I am assuming that RDR will just add to this pleasure!

ThanatosDMC5086d ago

Damn, they took that down fast! I didnt get to see it at all.

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RPcinemas5087d ago

yeah the game is very addictive and fun though.

jahcure5087d ago

GTA and Clint Eastwood has a baby. Looks very GTAish tho

Rainstorm815087d ago (Edited 5087d ago )

You can tell its boring from a 7min clip of gameplay with bad quality???

I wish i had your eyes /s

You Noob5087d ago

S-T-U-P-I-D !!!!

How the hell you can judge from 7 min clip? -.-"

sak5005087d ago

Instead of driving cars across towns now you'll get weird missions across teh map and you have a horse to ride. I'll pass for now.

viperfx5087d ago

What is so good about this game? I don't understand the reviews and praises its been getting. Someone please tell me!

retrofly5087d ago

Why don't you go to the official website and check out the videos.


BeaArthur5087d ago

What don't you understand about it? Games come out, people review them. You have never played it so you would have no idea. You probably just don't like the GTA series so you assume this game is going to suck.

PiTCHBLaCK5087d ago

I Been hearing allot about this game, Looks awesome and western to boot!, Got to check this out.

Maybe you don't understand it because It's Western? how many Western games are there?

retrofly5087d ago

Wow 2 disagrees for trying to help someone, nice community we have here.....



What is NOT so good about it then, You tell us...

What games do you think are better and why ?

Name one game with multiplayer doing what this game does...

Name the game with the same level of animation, physics, lighting - while being open world ( twice the size of San-andreas ) and still managing to have multiplayer ( co-op will be added later via DLC ) etc.

There have been some great open world games this gen but most of them have been great at one thing and lacking in something else.

Red Dead manages to cover everything and still do something none of the others have done well at all ... and it still manages to look gorgeous.

How many other games have such "alive" organic environments.

If you really can't see what people are loving about this game, then I have to wonder what do you love about any game ?

Are you the type of gamer that only plays exclusives so you can look at the textures and particle effects for 8 hours and then say it's the best game ever ?

If you don't like Western theme, cool.. that's understandable.

But I guess I am in the same boat, I don't understand how someone cannot see why this game is going to be so great and why it does not deserve such high praise.